Clip Studio Paint EX - Creating and Exporting Pages [Video]

More Information
  • Creating new single and multiple-page files
  • Using cover pages
  • Adding story titles, author name, and folio information
  • Applying a framing template
  • Creating and applying a cover template
  • Accessing the Page Manager
  • Rearranging and deleting pages
  • Editing the Basic Page Settings and Basic Work Settings
  • Quick Panel creating using Material Templates
  • Editing panels using Divide Frame Folder and Divide Frame Border Tools
  • Adding text via the story editor
  • Creating word balloons using the speech balloon tools
  • Exporting for print and web

Clip Studio Paint is quickly becoming the standard software for comics, manga, and illustration! Whether you want to enhance your pen-and-paper drawings or are a digital artist already, Clip Studio Paint is the ultimate 2D drawing software on the market. With built-in print-ready screentones, perspective rulers, word balloons, and even integrated 3D models, this software helps streamline the digital artist's workflow with incredible tools.

In this course, we'll cover the aspects of page creation, page management, and text creation. Starting off, we'll learn how to make custom paper sizes and page templates by creating some standard American comic book pages. We will also learn how to use the Page Manager to create files with multiple pages within it. After this, we'll teach you about creating comic panels and customizing them to meet the needs of their story. This course will also provide a comprehensive lesson on using several ways of adding text and word balloons to a comic story. We'll learn how to use Clip Studio Paint Pro's Page Manager to rearrange and delete pages within a story. Finally, we'll see how to export our illustrations for print and the web.

Style and Approach

Get started learning Clip Studio Paint EX right from creating pages to exporting your illustrations for print and the web.

  • Set up and save custom page templates to use in your comics
  • Learn how to add page numbering and other story information
  • Add text in bulk using the Story Editor
  • Create word balloons
  • Make and manipulate a comic panel
  • Finish a project by exporting it for the Web or for a printed collection
Course Length 1 hour 32 minutes
ISBN 9781785288432
Date Of Publication 28 Aug 2016


Liz Staley

Liz Staley is a writer and digital artist with nearly ten years experience creating independent comics. Learn Clip Studio Paint is her third book with Packt Publishing. She has also written Mastering Manga Studio 5 and The Manga Studio EX5 Cookbook. Teaching other artists about the benefits of Clip Studio Paint is one of her true passions.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Liz currently lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania with her husband and her horse.