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Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT

John E. Herreño

Challenging and fun projects that will push your Blender skills to the limit
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849513104
Paperback332 pages

About This Book

  • Exciting projects covering many areas: modeling, shading, lighting, compositing, animation, and the game engine
  • Strong emphasis on techniques and methodology for the best approach to each project
  • Utilization of many of the tools available in Blender 3D for developing moderately complex projects
  • Clear and concise explanations of working in 3D, along with insights into some important technical features of Blender 3D
  • Projects that you can tweak yourself to create magnificent finished models. Have a look at Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 and see for yourself.
  • Here is a video detailing the projects included in the book:

Who This Book Is For

If you are already able to perform some basic tasks with Blender 3D and want to go from the simple and boring renders of monkey-headed characters living in box-like scenes to creating more detailed, visually richer, and more polished results then this book is for you. It will give you a good idea of the amount of complexity required for real-world projects and help you in deciding what area you are going to specialize in later on.

This book is also useful if you are a user of any other 3D package wanting to get up and running fast with Blender 3D.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Render a Starship Shield Impact
Mission Briefing
Modeling the mother ship
Modeling the space fighter
Shading the space fighter
Modeling and shading the planet
Creating the nebula background
Assembling and Organizing the Final Scene
Compositing the final scene
Mission Accomplished
You Ready to go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 2: Fly a Fighter Aircraft Through a Storm
Mission Briefing
Modeling the Fighter Aircraft
Shading the Fighter Aircraft
Modeling and Shading the Storm Cloud
Assembling the Final Scene
Animating the Fighter Aircraft
Animating a Simple Lightning Effect
Mission Accomplished
You Ready to go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 3: Construct a Car Using Modeling and Shading
Mission Briefing
Creating the Initial Patches for the Model
Creating the Doors
Joining the Patches
Creating the Wheels
Simple Render Setup
Mission Accomplished
You Ready to go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 4: Create a Professional Looking Demo Reel
Mission Briefing
Creating the Intro and Closing Image
Creating the Studio Setup
Creating the Individual Scenes
Composing the Final Video
Mission Accomplished
Are You Ready To Go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 5: Build an Interactive Walkthrough Using the Game Engine
Mission Briefing
Modeling the Building
Modeling the Environment
Shading the Environment
Shading the Building
Setting Up the Objects for the Game Engine
Mission Accomplished
You Ready To Go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 6: Detailed Render of the Earth from Space
Mission Briefing
Preprocessing the Textures
Object Setup
Lighting Setup
Compositing Preparation
Mission Accomplished
You Ready To Go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 7: Animate a Humanoid Character
Mission Briefing
Creating the Armature
Armature Setup
Animation Keys
Animation Breakdowns
Animation Tweaks
Mission Accomplished
You Ready To Go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge
Chapter 8: Create a Snail
Mission Briefing
Modeling the Shell
Shading the Shell
Modeling the Body
Shading the Body
Scene Setup
Mission Accomplished
You Ready To Go Gung HO? A Hotshot Challenge

What You Will Learn

  • Complex shading techniques, including the usage of the material's node system.
  • Combine computer generated images with live footage using compositing techniques.
  • Basic methodology for creating an armature, setting it up, skinning a model and animating it.
  • Useful tools, along with some tips and tricks for architectural rendering.
  • Smart and powerful usage of procedural textures.
  • Improve the final result of your renders with the compositing system.
  • Set up configuration and code for the Blender Game Engine, such as logic bricks and Python scripts.
  • Reuse data from external .blend files by means of the library system.


In Detail

Blender 2.5 Hotshot will show you how powerful and capable Blender 3D is when you exploit its full potential. Move beyond basic tasks in Blender 3d and dive into more challenging territory. Ditch simple boring characters in favor of creating more detailed, visually rich, and polished results.

We will start by covering all the steps involved in producing a complete image from scratch by working on a scene of a starship; then we'll go into working with blueprints by creating an aircraft scene and a car model. Next you will use the video editor by creating a professional looking demo-reel followed by the game engine to create an interactive first person architectural walkthrough.

Since each chapter is a complete project you'll also learn to create very nice materials, including multi-layered textures and the usage of color ramps to achieve special effects. On the lighting part you'll be learning various tricks to control how each light behaves and affects the scene, along with some basic setups for common situations. On the modeling part you'll be working both on mechanical and organic objects, learning some key concepts along the way.

Compositing is widely used to take normal renders to the next level and add some nice special effects like glare. You will even have the opportunity to write some Python code for the game engine. Finally, you'll work on creating a snail using some advanced texturing tricks and compositing it into real footage.


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