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Blackboard Essentials for Teachers

William Rice

You only need basic computer skills to follow this course on creating web pages and interactive features for your students using Blackboard. Building and managing powerful eLearning courses has never been simpler.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849692922
Paperback256 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to use the essential features of Blackboard to create and administer great courses
  • Add interaction to your courses with discussion boards, blogs, and wikis
  • Create meaningful tests and graded assignments

Who This Book Is For

If you are a teacher or course builder, you need only basic computer skills to get the most from this book. You don’t need any background in online teaching or building Web pages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Blackboard Experience
Home page
Discussion Board
Content Page
Learning Module
Uploaded files
Chapter 2: Organizing a Course with Pages and Learning Modules
Adding Content Areas to hold and organize course content
Adding a Blank Page tool, which can hold any content or links that you want
Composing a page with the HTML editor
Creating a sequential path for the student to work through, using a Learning Module
About the Availability and View settings
Keeping students informed with Course Tools
Chapter 3: Adding Static Material to a Course
Adding a file for students to download
Adding a video to your course
Adding a web link to your course
Adding an image to your course
Chapter 4: Discussion Boards
About Discussion Boards
Creating forums with Discussion Board
Making Discussion Board available to students
Managing a forum
Chapter 5: Blogs and Wikis
About blogs
About wikis
Chapter 6: Assignments
About assignments
Chapter 7: Testing Students
Creating a test
Creating questions
Random blocks versus question sets
Creating a question pool
Creating a random block
Creating Question Set
Chapter 8: Working with Groups
Creating groups
How group settings affect activities
Sending e-mails to members of a group
Chapter 9: Communicating with Students Using E-mails, Messages, and Announcements
The difference between e-mails, messages, announcements, and alerts
Sending an e-mail to your students
Sending messages
Posting announcements
Chapter 10: Using Collaborate/CourseSites Live
Making your first online meeting a test session
Chapter 11: Grading Students
Viewing Grade Center
Assigning and entering grades
Preparing a report for grades

What You Will Learn

  • Create web pages using Blackboard’s editor
  • Organize your course with pages and modules
  • Add files and media for students to download
  • Interact with students using discussion boards, blogs, and wikis
  • Test your students by building and administering full-featured online tests
  • Assess your students with submitted assignments
  • Ease your workload by managing groups of students
  • Communicate with your students using messages and announcements

In Detail

Blackboard is the world’s most popular commercial learning management system. With Blackboard you can construct and deliver professional quality elearning courses with ease. Its many features, which allow you to manage courses, grading and assessments, and social collaboration, are the standard against which other learning management systems are measured.

Blackboard Essentials for Teachers shows you how to use Blackboard’s most essential features by guiding you through the development of a demonstration course, built on Blackboard’s free site for teachers, You will also learn more about Blackboard’s most important features, such as the gradebook, using clear instructions to guide you every step of the way.

By following an example course, this book will guide you, step-by-step, through creating your own Blackboard course. Start by adding static material for students to view, such as pages, links, and media. Then, add interaction to your courses, with discussion boards, blogs, and wikis. Most importantly, engage your students in your course by communicating with them, assessing them, and putting them into groups. Blackboard Essentials for Teachers will enable you to take your elearning course from inception, to construction, to delivery.


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