BeagleBone for Secret Agents

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  • Build a complete BeagleBone development environment with Emacs and modern Emacs extensions
  • Understand how Tor protects Internet privacy and how to run a Tor bridge
  • Add custom hardware to the BeagleBone's I2C, serial, GPIO, and analog to digital interfaces
  • Gain insight into the BeagleBone cape ecosystem by exploring the design of the CryptoCape
  • Use a Trusted Platform Module to protect your GPG keys
  • Build an Off-the-Record chat gateway
  • Develop and analyze threat models for security-related projects

The BeagleBone Black is a small but powerful low-powered computer that can be used to protect personal secrets and enable privacy enhancing technologies. With increasing concerns over Internet surveillance, you can combine time-tested open source security software with the small form factor of the BeagleBone Black to create custom personal security applications.

Starting with an introduction to development with the BeagleBone Black, we'll show you how to use the BeagleBone to create custom hardware projects involving security and privacy. Each chapter provides the history and background of each technology with a self-contained and practical project. You'll explore devices such as a fingerprint scanner and the Trusted Platform Module on the CryptoCape while learning about authentication and encryption. Filled with projects that utilize security tools used by journalists, activists, and government agents, this book shows you how to apply these tools with a BeagleBone Black.

  • Interface with cryptographic hardware to add security to your embedded project, securing you from external threats.
  • Use and build applications with trusted anonymity and security software like Tor and GPG to defend your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Work with low level I/O on BeagleBone Black like I2C, GPIO, and serial interfaces to create custom hardware applications.
Page Count 162
Course Length 4 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781783986040
Date Of Publication 22 Sep 2014


Josh Datko

Josh Datko is the founder of Cryptotronix, LLC, an open source hardware company that specializes in embedded, cryptographic electronics. He graduated with distinction from the US Naval Academy with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and then served 10 years in the Navy, both actively and as a reserve submarine officer. He has been deployed to locations worldwide including Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2014, Josh presented at both the HOPE and DEF CON conferences. He completed his Master's of Science in Computer Science, with a focus on security and networking, from Drexel University.