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Arduino Networking

Marco Schwartz

Connect your projects to the Web using the Arduino Ethernet library
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783986866
Paperback118 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to use the Arduino Ethernet shield and Ethernet library
  • Control the Arduino projects from your computer using the Arduino Ethernet
  • This is a step-by-step guide to creating Internet of Things projects using the Arduino Ethernet shield

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for those who want to build their own network-connected projects using the Arduino platform. You will be able to build exciting projects that connect to your local network and the Web. You will need to have some basic experience in electronics and web programming languages. You will also need to know the basics of the Arduino platform as the projects mainly deal with the networking aspects of the Arduino Ethernet shield.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discover the Arduino Ethernet Shield
Hardware and software requirements
Testing your connection
Chapter 2: Sending Data to a Web Server
Hardware and software requirements
Sending data to a server
Log incoming data in a database
Displaying the results
Chapter 3: Data Logging Station
Hardware and software requirements
Logging data on an SD card
Creating a web server on Arduino
Plotting the data locally
Chapter 4: Controlling Objects from Anywhere
Hardware and software requirements
Testing the relay
Controlling the relay remotely
Controlling the relay from anywhere
Chapter 5: Internet of Things with Xively
Hardware and software requirements
Creating your Xively account
Sending data to Xively
Visualizing the recorded data
Chapter 6: Logging Data in Google Docs
Hardware and software requirements
Setting up your Google Account
Creating your Temboo account
Logging data in a spreadsheet
Sending automated e-mails

What You Will Learn

  • Interface the Ethernet shield with Arduino and to your Ethernet router
  • Learn the basics of the Arduino Ethernet library
  • Grab the content of a web page using the Ethernet shield
  • Measure data and send it to a server running on your computer
  • Create a data logging station with a web server running on the Ethernet shield
  • Send measured data to the cloud service Xively, so it can be monitored from anywhere
  • Discover how to use the Temboo web service to connect the Ethernet shield to more cloud services

In Detail

Arduino is a powerful electronic prototyping platform used by over one million people around the world. The Arduino Ethernet shield is the perfect addition to the Arduino platform to get it connected to your local network and to the Web in minutes. This book covers several projects you can build using the Arduino Ethernet shield. These projects are organized in three parts. The first part of the book will cover the basics of the Ethernet shield and the Ethernet library, such as how to run an Ethernet client that sends data to a server on your computer. The second part will make the Arduino and Ethernet shield more independent by running a web server on the Arduino board. You will learn how to create, record, and visualize data using Xively service.

The last part of the book is dedicated to the topic of the Internet of Things, with projects that connect the Ethernet shield directly to the Web. You will also learn to create an account on Temboo to get access to a wide range of cloud services.


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