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Alice 3 Cookbook

Vanesa S. Olsen

79 recipes to harness the power of Alice 3 for teaching students to build attractive and interactive 3D scenes and videos
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849514927
Paperback340 pages

About This Book

  • A cookbook for teachers who would like to demonstrate the basics of programming by creating marvelous animated scenes
  • Work with the new Alice 3 environment to add instances and inspect their properties, procedures, and functions
  • Develop interactive 3D scenes and videos with Alice 3
  • The book covers the new Sims module incorporated in Alice 3

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed primarily for teachers developing education plans and willing to exploit 3D environments using Alice 3. Alice users who want to improve their Alice programming skills will also find this book useful as it offers innovative 3D models in action.

Some basic knowledge of Alice and how it works is necessary, although you are not expected to have worked with version 3 before.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Scenes
Working with templates to create a new planet
Checking the instances that compose a scene
Inspecting the properties for each instance that composes a scene
Defining a light's initial properties
Animating light's properties
Animating an instance's property
Checking the procedures and functions for each instance
Playing background music
Chapter 2: Working with Actors
Browsing galleries to search for a specific class
Creating a new instance from a class in a gallery
Setting initial properties for an actor
Moving an actor
Chapter 3: Organizing Statements
Performing many statements in order
Using a counter to run statements many times
Chapter 4: Working with Functions and Conditions
Running conditional code
Running conditional code within a counter
Chapter 5: Working with Variables
Working with a local variable
Changing values of variables
Working with many local variables
Working with constants
Using arrays to control two instances
Using variables to hold instances of generic classes
Using variables to hold separate instances
Chapter 6: Working with Properties
Defining new properties to store real numbers
Using properties to call procedures
Changing the properties initial values
Combining local variables and properties
Calculating new values for properties
Working with many instances of the same class
Using properties to call functions
Assigning values entered by the user to properties
Chapter 7: Working with People
Creating a random person
Customizing a person's body
Customizing a person's head
Animating a person's body
Animating a person's head
Interaction between characters in the scene
Chapter 8: Working with Keyboard and Mouse Input
Defining a mouse button listener
Reacting to mouse events
Controlling an actor with the mouse
Defining a key listener
Reacting to keyboard events
Controlling an actor with keystrokes
Controlling the camera with the keyboard
Controlling multiple actors with keystrokes
Chapter 9: Creating Interactive Stories
Dressing a person
Building a house
Chapter 10: Customizing the Output
Controlling the output to get different views
Setting the camera's initial position
Exporting a video
Sharing a video
Working with multiple camera markers
Providing different points of view for a 3D world
Following characters with the camera

What You Will Learn

  • Browse galleries with 3D models to add them as actors to a scene
  • Work with keyboard and mouse input to create interactive stories
  • Set scenes with live backgrounds, moving actors, and background music
  • Add animals, people, and objects, and define simple and complex behaviors
  • Work with parts of characters and people to create realistic animations
  • Use local variables in procedures and functions to solve complex algorithms
  • Use counters and loops and evaluate expressions to run conditional code
  • Combine many sub-expressions with logical operators and relational operators
  • Customize and animate a person's body and make the person interact with the environment
  • Control multiple cameras to create realistic experiences

In Detail

Alice is a free and innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the Web. Alice is a teaching tool designed as a revolutionary approach to teaching and learning introductory programming concepts.

Alice 3 Cookbook focuses on performing common tasks required in classrooms with Alice 3. The recipes target teachers who would like to take advantage of this exciting 3D environment in their classrooms and/or labs.

Alice 3 uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating programming experience. Each recipe provides step-by-step instructions that allow you to learn the most important Alice features by example. You will learn about everything from the addition of the initial actors, up to the advanced procedures to react to the keyboard and mouse input.

You will work with the different elements that compose a scene and learn how to change the values for properties and run simple methods. Discover how to create simple animations that will allow you to recognize the most important elements of the user interface and explore the models provided by Alice to use them in games.


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