Early Access FAQs

What is Early Access?

Early Access offers Packt subscribers an exclusive preview of new developments in the tech field. Be the first to read unpublished chapters and follow along as more content is written.

Early Access gives you the opportunity to co-create the next bestsellers in the tech book market. Help authors to shape books that will share cutting-edge information with you and other customers. You can ask for sections to be added that will fill in gaps in your knowledge and see your ideas come to life in print. Join a Discord server or Slack channel to become part of an invite-only Packt community and give feedback directly to an author.

Why Early Access?

We created Early Access to give you the information you need as soon as it's available. You’ll not only get access to every chapter as it's delivered, edited, and updated, but you'll also be able to download the final published product using any format or device.

How is Early Access delivered?

Early Access is exclusively available through our online reader. As we make changes to chapters or add new chapters, you’ll be able to view them online immediately.

Is Early Access part of my subscription?

Yes, all Early Access content is fully available through your subscription. You will need to have a paid for or active trial subscription in order to access all titles.

Are Early Access chapters final versions?

No, the chapters are early drafts. Updated versions of the chapters will be uploaded every few months to reflect changes made by our authors and editors.

Can I download the code files?

We try to ensure that all books in Early Access have code available to use, download, and fork on GitHub. Unfortunately, however, there will be rare cases when it’s not possible for us to have downloadable code samples available until publication. When we publish the book, the code files will also be available to download from the Packt website.

Where can I send my feedback?

If you have any feedback about the product you're reading, join a Packt Discord server or Slack channel (links are provided in most Early Access books). We welcome all feedback. If you have queries relating to Early Access in general, then please fill out a contact form here and we'll address them.

How accurate is the publication date?

The publication date is provided with as much accuracy as possible at any point in the project. Unfortunately, delays can happen. Often those delays are out of our control, for instance changes to the tech code base or delays in the tech release. We do our best to give you an accurate estimate of the publication date at any given time, and as more chapters are submitted, the delivery date will become more reliable.

What happens if an Early Access product is cancelled?

Projects are rarely cancelled, but sometimes it's unavoidable. If an Early Access product is cancelled, it will be removed from our website. For further details, please contact us here.