Taking the time to learn data analysis and data science skills can make you an incredibly valuable technology professional. Explore Packt’s extensive selection of data science and analytics eBooks and videos to master the tools and approaches that are powering our data-driven future.

  1. 281 pages
    Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture
    November 2022
    Get up to speed with the concepts relating to Oracle’s Autonomous Databases (ADB) and implementation strategies for any workload or use case, including transactional, data warehousing, and non-relational databases
  2. 143 pages
    Machine Learning Experimentation with TensorBoard
    October 2022
    Track experiment metrics and visualize model graphs with TensorFlow's built-in solution, TensorBoard
  3. 723 pages
    Elasticsearch 8.x Cookbook - Fifth Edition
    May 2022
    Search, analyze, store and manage data effectively with Elasticsearch 8.x
  4. 413 pages
    Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Exam Guide
    March 2022
    This certification guide focuses on identity solutions and strategies that will help you prepare for Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator certification, while enabling you to implement what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios
  5. 527 pages
    Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8.0
    January 2022
    Use Elastic Stack core components for search, security, and observability-related use cases and work with large amounts of data for on-premises and cloud infrastructure
  6. 348 pages
    Reproducible Data Science with Pachyderm
    December 2021
    Create scalable and reliable data pipelines easily using Pachyderm
  7. 327 pages
    The Machine Learning Solutions Architect Handbook
    December 2021
    Build highly secure and scalable machine learning platforms to support the fast-paced adoption of machine learning solutions
  8. 554 pages
    Hands-On Data Preprocessing in Python
    December 2021
    This book will make the link between data cleaning and preprocessing to help you to take effective business decisions using data analytics
  9. 528 pages
    Natural Language Processing with AWS AI Services
    November 2021
    Work through interesting use cases to uncover valuable insights from unstructured text using machine learning and AWS AI services
  10. 245 pages
    Actionable Insights with Amazon QuickSight
    November 2021
    Build interactive dashboards and storytelling reports at scale with the cloud-native BI tool - Amazon QuickSight, including embedded analytics and ML-powered insights
  11. 309 pages
    Agile Machine Learning with DataRobot
    November 2021
    Leverage DataRobot's enterprise AI platform and automated decision intelligence to extract business value from data
  12. 426 pages
    Data Engineering with AWS
    November 2021
    Become an efficient data engineer with this easy-to-follow hands-on guide to performing different data engineering techniques with AWS tools
  13. 276 pages
    Machine Learning Engineering with Python
    November 2021
    Supercharge the value of your machine learning models by building solutions that can serve them scalably and robustly in production environments.
  14. 246 pages
    Building Big Data Pipelines with Apache Beam
    November 2021
    Implement, run, operate and test data processing pipelines using Apache Beam
  15. 384 pages
    Data Analysis and Machine Learning with Kaggle
    October 2021
    Get a step ahead of your competitors with a concise collection of smart data handling and modeling techniques

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