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  • Combine native and managed development approaches
  • Run and debug Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Use XAML language to create the user interface
  • Create 3D graphics with Direct3D
  • Draw 2D graphics with DirectXTK
  • Create game logic and detect collisions
  • Steer the game with sensors
  • Use maps, geolocation, and augmented reality features
  • Share data via social networks
  • Add audio and video support
  • Recognize and synthesize speech

Currently almost everyone has a mobile phone that is used not only for calling, texting, and browsing the Internet, but also as an entertainment and social platform. Developers can create advanced 3D games with outstanding functionality that allow the player to enjoy the game directly on the mobile phone and cooperate with other players via the Internet!

Windows Phone 8 Game Development is a practical, hands-on guide that will show you how to create a 3D game for the Windows Phone 8 platform. From setting up the environment to publishing your game, you will first learn how to implement 3D and 2D graphics with Direct3D, XAML, C++, and C#. We will then look at the game logic, steering with sensors, detecting collisions, as well as using maps, geolocation, augmented reality, social networks, and web services to share data between players. Featuring many code examples, images, and diagrams you should find the content both engaging and easy to understand.

  • Create a 3D game for the Windows Phone 8 platform
  • Combine native and managed development approaches
  • Discover how to use a range of inputs, including sensors
  • Learn how to implement geolocation and augmented reality features
  • Allow communication between players via web services
  • Prepare and publish your game in the Windows Phone Store
Page Count 394
Course Length 11 hours 49 minutes
ISBN 9781849696807
Date Of Publication 19 Sep 2013


Marcin Jamro

Marcin Jamro, PhD, is an entrepreneur and researcher, as well as a developer and architect of various kinds of applications. He is the President of the Board at TITUTO Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] in Rzeszów, Poland.

Marcin is interested in many aspects of computer science, including software engineering and project management. He is an author of two other books, namely Windows Phone 8 Game Development (2013) and Windows Application Development Cookbook (2017), both by Packt Publishing.

Marcin has published several papers, participated in many conferences, organized a few of them, and participated in two internships at Microsoft in Redmond, USA. He has the MCP, MCTS, and MCPD certificates.