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UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook

Dave Voyles

Make the Unreal Engine your own and enter the world of high-level game programming with this super-practical collection of recipes for UnrealScript. Professional developer or hobbyist, this book will give you the edge.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849695565
Paperback272 pages

About This Book

  • Create a truly unique experience within UDK using a series of powerful recipes to augment your content
  • Discover how you can utilize the advanced functionality offered by the Unreal Engine with UnrealScript
  • Learn how to harness the built-in AI in UDK to its full potential


Who This Book Is For

This essential Cookbook has been assembled with both the hobbyist and professional developer in mind. A solid foundation of object oriented programming knowledge will be required. All examples can be replicated and used by UDK and in some cases other software and tools - all of which are available for free – can be used too.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Development Environments
Using UnCodeX
Dungeon Defenders to save the day
Unreal Script IDE
Unreal X-Editor
Editing runtime values with Remote Control
Chapter 2: Archetypes and Prefabs
Constructing a leaking pipe prefab
Adding particles to our prefab
Adding audio effects to our prefab
Creating a PointLight archetype
Creating a subarchetype from an archetype
Chapter 3: Scripting a Camera System
Configuring the engine and editor for a custom camera
Writing the TutorialCamera class
Camera properties and archetypes
Creating a first person camera
Creating a third person camera
Creating a side-scrolling camera
Creating a top-down camera
Chapter 4: Crafting Pickups
Creating our first pickup
Creating a base for our pickup to spawn from
Animating our pickup
Altering what our pickup does
Allowing vehicles to use a pickup
Chapter 5: AI and Navigation
Laying PathNodes on a map
Laying NavMeshes on a map
Adding a scout to create NavMesh properties
Adding an AI pawn via Kismet
Allowing a pawn to wander randomly around a map
Making a pawn patrol PathNodes on a map
Making a pawn randomly patrol PathNodes on a map
Allowing a pawn to randomly patrol a map with NavMeshes
Making a pawn follow us around the map with NavMeshes
Chapter 6: Weapons
Creating a gun that fires homing missiles
Creating a gun that heals pawns
Creating a weapon that can damage over time
Adding a flashlight to a weapon
Creating an explosive barrel
Creating a landmine
Chapter 7: HUD
Displaying a bar for the player's health
Drawing text for a player's health
Displaying a bar for the player's ammo
Drawing text for the player's ammo
Drawing the player's name on screen
Creating a crosshair
Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Recipes
Creating an army of companions
Having enemies flash quickly as their health decreases
Creating a crosshair that uses our weapon's trace
Changing the crosshair color when aiming at a pawn
Drawing a debug screen
Drawing a bounding box around pawns

What You Will Learn

  • Create advanced navigation with pathnodes and waypoints
  • Construct AI that follows and avoids players and other bots
  • Produce custom modular weapons, like your very own homing rocket
  • Develop a HUD to display essential information using the UDK canvas
  • Fashion archetypes and prefabs for easy collaboration with level designers
  • Script a modular camera system for a variety of perspectives
  • Craft pickups for both health and ammunition
  • Design weapons that perform damage over time or even heal friends

In Detail

Designed for high-level game programming, UnrealScript is used in tandem with the Unreal Engine to provide a scripting language that is ideal for creating your very own unique gameplay experience. By learning how to replicate some of the advanced techniques used in today's modern games, you too can take your game to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

By providing a series of engaging and practical recipes, this "UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook" will show you how to leverage the advanced functionality within UDK. You'll be shown how to implement a wide variety of practical features using the high-level scripting language ranging from designing your own HUD, creating your very own custom tailored weapons, to generating pathfinding solutions, and even meticulously crafting your own AI.

Learn how you can fully augment your projects with UnrealScript, with the additional inclusion of specific techniques that cover disciplines as diverse as AI scripting and HUD design. Initially starting with recipes that cover tinkering with your IDE, developing archetypes, and scripting cameras, you'll soon move on to creating advanced artificial intelligence, weapons, and vehicles alongside unique HUD and inventory systems.



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