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  • Create 3D scenes with Unity and Blender while learning about world space and scale
  • Build and run VR applications for consumer headsets including Google Cardboard
  • Build interactive environments with physics, gravity, animations, and lighting using the Unity engine
  • Experiment with various User Interface (UI) techniques that you can use in your VR applications
  • Gain introductory and advanced experience in Unity programming with the C# language

Virtual Reality gives users an immersive 3D gaming experience and Unity 5, along with its stunning 3D animation capabilities, is one of the best choices for game developers to create out-of-the-box Virtual Reality games for different platforms such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

This course takes a practical, project-based approach to teach you the basics of Virtual Reality development with the Unity 3D game engine. We walk through a series of hands-on projects, step-by-step tutorials, and in-depth discussions using Unity 5 and other free or open source software. While VR technology is rapidly advancing, we'll capture the basic principles and techniques that you can use to make your VR games and applications immersive and comfortable.

Style and Approach

Using a practical and project-based approach, this course will teach you the basics of virtual reality development in Unity.

  • Explore Virtual Reality and the tools and techniques used to develop Virtual Reality games.
  • Discover how to create dioramas, Google Cardboard, and some Gaze-based controls.
  • This practical tutorial on intermediate development concepts in Unity 5 will help you create interesting User Interfaces.
Course Length 3 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781786460264
Date Of Publication 21 Feb 2017


Jonathan Linowes

Jonathan Linowes is the founder of Parkerhill XR Studio, an immersive media studio, and developer of VR and AR applications, games, and educational content. He is a VR/AR evangelist, Unity developer, entrepreneur, and teacher. Jonathan has a BFA degree from Syracuse University, an MS degree from the MIT Media Lab, and held technical leadership positions at Autodesk, among other companies. He has authored a number of books and videos by Packt, including Unity Virtual Reality Projects (first edition 2015), Cardboard VR Projects for Android, and Augmented Reality for Developers.