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  • Plan and organize game levels to work on the various iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • Important iOS performance considerations and how iOS platforms differ from desktop platforms.
  • Develop games that work with multiple device screen resolutions and orientations.
  • Manage sophisticated game state and user preferences.
  • Essential .NET classes.
  • Develop a four wheeled vehicle with realistic physics.
  • Deal with the various methods of culling available in Unity 3D for iOS.
  • Integrate Unity3D for iOS games with servers to store things like high scores and achievements.



Unity is the perfect tool for creating games for a number of platforms. Whether it’s for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or some combination of the three, this book takes a practical approach which maximizes performance while maintaining maximum compatibility across the entire mobile device line up.

Unity iOS Essentials takes you through all aspects of Unity 3D game development for iOS. Mobile game development means thinking about mobile performance, multiple device screen resolutions, deploying a single application to multiple devices, understanding .NET integration, taking advantage of advanced lighting and culling systems, and integrating a mobile game with a server back end. This comprehensive book on developing Unity 3D games for iOS covers it all and demonstrates the concepts using practical tips, scripts, shaders, and projects.

Learn how to plan for supporting multiple iOS devices before you start writing your first script. Consider performance and advanced game topics that will speed up your game development while solving real world problems. Add GUIs, use sophisticated .NET programming concepts, and examine scripts and shaders, interact with servers, and interact with projects that deal with real issues. Unity iOS Essentials provides you with a fully illustrated and fully commented guide for realising your game idea using advanced concepts that work on the iOS family of mobile devices.

  • Learn key strategies and follow practical guidelines for creating Unity 3D games for iOS devices.
  • Learn how to plan your game levels to optimize performance on iOS devices using advanced game concepts.
  • Full of tips, scripts, shaders, and complete Unity 3D projects to guide you through game creation on iOS from start to finish.


Page Count 358
Course Length 10 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781849691826
Date Of Publication 8 Dec 2011


Robert Wiebe US

Robert Wiebe has more than 30 years’ experience designing, implementing, and testing software. He wrote his first game in 1979 as a high school student. He has focused on developing games and utilities for Android, iOS, and OS X. He has written the following apps: Video Kiosk, ShredIt, NetShred, Coconut Hut, and many more. His interests include Unity 2D/3D game engine, developing video series, writing books, and researching virtual reality games. He has experience in developing software for a number of industries, including mining, finance, and communications. After working for other people’s companies, he founded his own companies, Mireth Technology, and BurningThumb Studios, which are his primary interests today.