Unity Certified Programmer Study Guide

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  • Learn techniques for writing modular, readable, and reusable scripts in Unity
  • Implement and configure objects, physics, controls, and movements for your game projects
  • Understand 2D/3D animation and write scripts that interact with Unity's Rendering API
  • Explore Unity APIs for adding lighting, materials, texture, and shaders to your apps
  • Write Unity scripts for building interfaces for such as menu systems, UI navigation, and application settings
  • Deep dive into SOLID principles for writing clean and maintainable Unity applications

Unity Certified Programmer is a global certification program by Unity. If you want to be a professional Unity developer want to be a Unity Developer it is recommended to take the Official Unity Programmer Exam. The exam will help reassure, not only yourself but, current and future employers that you have been officially accepted by Unity and that you understand the fundamentals of Unity programming.

This study guide will start with building on your understanding of C# programming to take you through the process of downloading and installing Unity, and understanding how Unity works and prepare you before the exam. The book will educate, challenge and test you through the chapters and build up your experience to a highly-skilled level with Unity. You will not only go through the core objectives of the Unity exam but also have some fun on the way by creating a side-scrolling spaceship game that can be played within the Unity Editor and also on a recent Android mobile device.

Even if you aren’t taking the official Unity Programmer Exam and you complete this book, you will come away with a SOLID understanding of creating your own Unity application, and making use of Unity’s own tools such as the Animator, Particle Effects, Lighting, UI/UX, Scriptable Objects, debugging and plenty more to go towards your own Unity projects.

  • Complete exam guide filled with mock tests, exam tips, and self-assessment questions to help you pass the exam
  • Learn the essentials of game scripting with Unity and C# for customizing every aspect of your game
  • Overcome challenges in Unity game development using effective techniques and easy solutions
Page Count 505
Course Length 15 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781838828424
Date Of Publication 24 Apr 2020


Philip Walker

Philip Walker holds two degrees related to game development; he has worked in various industries including Games, Education, Events, Construction, and Retail. He has dedicated time and effort in the Unity Engine to create a wide range of applications with a variety of impressive features for companies such as Moog, GSK, Astrazeneca, Qatar and many more. He’s fanatical about retro systems, and still holds a collection of old computers and consoles from the 80's onwards (Commodore 64 / Amiga / MegaDrive / Sega Saturn / Neo Geo, etc.).