Unity 3D Game Development by Example [Video]

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  • Understand the basic project structure and the other core elements of a Unity Game
  • Find out what it takes to build a “Scene” – a Unity3D game level
  • Jump into Unity Scripting as you learn to implement basic Interactivity
  • Discover the secrets of game audio (3D sounds and Music) in Unity3D
  • Master the Unity3D GUI and GUISkin system to create your own UI
  • Forge links between scenes to turn disparate levels into a cohesive game
  • Create High Score Lists and other user retention systems using Unity3D
  • Transform your PC or Mac game into an Android game using Unity3D’s multi-platform capabilities and Unity3D Pro for Android.

The fast, easy way to start developing Unity games

There’s no better way to begin building impressive video games than Unity. The free software gives you the tools you need to create stunning 3D games and publish them for computers, phones, tablets, and the web.

The indie game revolution has begun and all over the world, unique and incredible games are being made in professional and home studios. Learn the skills you need to take part in this revolution, lending your creative spark to the scene using Unity3D!

Unity3D by example will arm you with the basic skills needed to take your beginner level programming skills and transform yourself into a full-fledged game developer capable of making games on the web, PC, Mac, iPhone or Android, using Unity3D and the C# language.

With Unity3D by Example, you will go from beginning as a C# programmer to a published, multi-platform game developer with a course of a few hours.

Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the multi-platform game engine Unity3D, starting with simply understanding how it works and building on that knowledge with each segment until you know everything there is to know about basic game building. It doesn’t stop there. Along the way you’ll also learn a little bit about game AI, game publishing and even learn how to become a part of the Unity 3D Community itself.

Where you go from there is up to you, but with Unity3D by Example, you will be armed with the knowledge of the pros and the skills you need to be your own game publisher!

Style and Approach

The video course takes a clear, step-by-step approach to building a game in Unity. It focuses on short, attainable tasks that the reader can finish making this the fastest path from zero to finished game using the Unity 3D engine.


This friendly video course will teach you the Unity from scratch and develop fun example games, deploying them to your favourite platforms:

  • 2 and a half hours of Unity screencast tutorials, broken into bite-sized sections
  • Create 3D graphics, sound, and challenging gameplay
  • Build game UI, high score tables, and other extra features
  • Program powerful game logic with C# scripting
Course Length 2 hours 30 mins
ISBN 9781849695305
Date Of Publication 30 May 2013


Adam Maxwell

Adam Maxwell is the Co-Founder of Skyward* Corp., a premier provider of game development services with a focus on providing quality game design and Unity based development expertise. Skyward is also an independent game developer in its own right, developing mobile game for Android and iOS using the Unity3D platform. Prior to forming Skyward with his business partners, Mr. Maxwell has lead a storied career in the industry, working as a game designer, producer or developer for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Microsoft, Gazillion Entertainment and Trion Worlds. He has shipped over a dozen games in his career, including games in the popular Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft Franchises and the MMO’s Auto Assault and Rift. In the 17 years that Mr. Maxwell has been a part of the video games industry, he is most proud of the work he has done building teams and introducing new game designers to the adventure of game development.