SFML Essentials

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  • Render sprites and shapes on the screen
  • Manage multimedia resources correctly and efficiently
  • Open and configure game windows to ensure a better gaming environment
  • Build an animation manager for sprites
  • Facilitate native OpenGL code in your rendering
  • Play sound and music on top of the gameplay
  • Load and use shaders to render special effects
  • Send data packets over a network to create a multiplayer experience

SFML is a cross-platform, object-oriented multimedia API that is written in C++. It provides a simple interface to ease the development of games and multimedia applications.

This book will guide you through everything you need to know about building a 2D game in SFML. Concepts such as Sprites, Textures, Animation, and Cameras are explored in depth and finally the book ends with advanced topics like shaders and networking. You will also learn how to play sound and music on top of the gameplay. Every step through the journey is filled with examples in C++ to guide you in the right direction. By the end of the book you will feel confident about creating 2D games with SFML, without investing too much time on it.

This book contains a set of fast-paced tutorials about the core features of SFML.

  • Learn to utilize the features of SFML quickly to create interactive games
  • Realize your game ideas by following practical tutorials based on the essential features of SFML
  • Step-by-step guide describing the fundamental concepts of SFML with the help of plenty of examples
Page Count 156
Course Length 4 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781784397326
Date Of Publication 24 Feb 2015


Milcho G. Milchev

Milcho G. Milchev has been a game programmer since he was in high school. He continues to work on games on a daily basis. Some of the games that he has worked on include Unholy Flesh and WhiteCity. Currently, he works for Dream Harvest, an indie game studio with a lot of talented people. They are developing their first strategy game. Milcho has also followed the development of SFML for several years and has developed his own game engine based on this library.