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  • Build a complete game and integrate advanced features by adding a multiplayer layer
  • Get to grips with SFML resources and build a generic and reusable resource manager
  • Gather knowledge about different entity models and build your own 2D games
  • Explore the Box2D engine and add physics properties to your game
  • Add a nice user interface to your game to make it more user friendly
  • Discover the SFGUI library and learn how to customize your game
  • Delve into the importance of multithreading and boost your code
  • Add networking and learn about serialization and database management using Sqlite3

SFML is a cross-platform software development library written in C++ with bindings available for many programming languages. This book contains useful information that you'll need to create any kind of 2D games. Starting with the basics of game programming, resource management, and building simple 2D games, you'll then delve into more complex features such as the physics engine, constructing a game UI, and more advanced concepts of 2D gaming using SFML. You'll develop advanced functionality in your game using the concept of multithreading and learn how various threads interact. In later chapters, you'll quickly grasp the usage and implementation of isometric views and image transformation in your 2D real time tower defense game. You'll wrap up by adding networking and database management systems to your game with SQLite using an ORM.

  • Master game components and their interaction by creating a hands-on multiplayer game
  • Customize your game by adding sounds, animations, physics, and a nice user interface to create a unique game
  • A project-based book starting with simpler projects and moving into increasingly complex projects to make you proficient in game development
Page Count 298
Course Length 8 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781784398477
Date Of Publication 27 May 2015


Maxime Barbier

Maxime Barbier has recently finished his studies and is now a software engineer in Strasbourg, France. He loves programming crazy things and has been experimenting and sharing them with the open source community on GitHub since 2010. Also, he really likes game programming.

As his favorite technology is C++, he has become an expert in it because of his work. He has also developed several libraries with this language, and some of them are used in this book. Game programming is his hobby, and he really likes the challenges involved in such a project. He also loves sharing his knowledge with other people, which was the main reason he wrote this book and also the reason for his activity in the open source community.

Since 9 years, he has been working on different projects such as Anka Dreles, which is a pen and paper role-playing game, and is putting in effort to convert it into a computer game.

He also loves sailing and was a sailing teacher for several years while studying. His dream is to be able to combine sailing and computer sciences by traveling around the world.

Before starting with this book, Maxime had already reviewed some books, such as SFML Game Development and Getting Started with OUYA, both by Packt Publishing.