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Practical Game Design with Unity and Playmaker

Sergey Mohov

Unity and Playmaker are a dynamic duo when it comes to game design, and this book shows you how to make the most of them by demonstrating how to create an interactive game from scratch. Instructive and fun.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849698108
Paperback122 pages

About This Book

  • Create artificial intelligence for a game using Playmaker
  • Learn how to integrate a game with external APIs (Kongregate)
  • Learn how to quickly develop games in Unity and Playmaker
  • A step-by-step game development tutorial using AI scripting, external APIs and Multiplayer implementation

Who This Book Is For

This book is for animation artists and 3D artists, designers, and engineers who want to create interactive content with little or no programming. This book is also for game programmers who want to create a game from scratch in Unity and Playmaker. You are expected to have basic knowledge of game programming and Unity 3D.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Unity and Playmaker
Downloading and installing Unity
Buying and importing Playmaker
Setting up your project
Chapter 2: Unity's and Playmaker's User Interface
Interface overview and main menu
Playmaker interface
Chapter 3: Components and State Machines
Game objects, components, and properties
Working with prefabs
Finite state machines, states, and actions
Interaction between game objects
Chapter 4: Creating Your First Game
Using Vector geometry and physics
Win/Lose conditions
Creating artificial intelligence
Chapter 5: Scripting and Custom Actions
Writing a Unity Script
Overview of standard Unity classes
Creating a Playmaker action
Chapter 6: Networking and Multiplayer
Understanding networking and multiplayer
Setting up Photon Unity Networking
Making multiplayer
Chapter 7: Working with External APIs
About external application programming interfaces
Uploading your game to Kongregate
Writing Kongregate API code

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the Unity project structure and the component-based approach to game development.
  • Master Unity and Playmaker's interface
  • Utilize Unity and Playmaker to create game mechanics
  • Implement networking and multiplayer using Photon Unity Networking via Playmaker
  • Explore the basics of Unity scripting in JavaScript and C#
  • Import and position a model in the scene
  • Construct your own custom Playmaker actions
  • Create a game from scratch and customize it

In Detail

Unity is a powerful yet intuitive game development tool and environment for creation of interactive 3D and 2D content.  Playmaker  is  a  flexible  visual  state  machine   editor and runtime library for Unity 3D that facilitates visual scripting for Unity 3D.

This book is a step-by-step tutorial that thoroughly explains how to make a game from scratch quickly and effortlessly. This books details the steps required to make a game in seven chapters, each of them examining one of the aspects of game development in the most practical and concise way possible.

This book starts by explaining you the component-based approach to game development. It then moves on to teach you how to use state machine's interface to make a game with minimum code and how to add AI and Photon networking to it. The book then progresses through helping you understand how to write a Kongregate API code and upload your game on it. The book finally ends up enabling you to make a complete web Multiplayer game in Unity and add an external API to it.


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