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PlayStation®Mobile Development Cookbook

Michael Fleischauer

Over 65 recipes that will help you create and develop amazing mobile applications!
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849694186
Paperback322 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how you can create your own fantastic PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) applications
  • Develop 2D games quickly and easily, complete with graphics, audio, and input
  • Discover how to construct your own 3D world, import models, and even create texture and vertex shaders

Who This Book Is For

If you've got some prior experience with C# and want to create awesome projects for the PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation™Certified devices, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Accessing the PlayStation Mobile portal
Installing the PlayStation Mobile SDK
Creating a simple game loop
Loading, displaying, and translating a textured image
"Hello World" drawing text on an image
Deploying to PlayStation Mobile certified Android devices
Deploying to a PlayStation Vita
Manipulating an image dynamically
Working with the filesystem
Handling system events
Chapter 2: Controlling Your PlayStation Mobile Device
Handling the controller's d-pad and buttons
Using the Input2 wrapper class
Using the analog joysticks
Handling touch events
Using the motion sensors
Creating onscreen controls for devices without gamepads
Configuring an Android application to use onscreen controls
Chapter 3: Graphics with GameEngine2D
A game loop, GameEngine2D style
Creating scenes
Adding a sprite to a scene
Creating a sprite sheet
Using a sprite sheet in code
Batching a sprite with SpriteLists
Manipulating a texture's pixels
Creating a 2D particle system
Chapter 4: Performing Actions with GameEngine2D
Handling updates with Scheduler
Working with the ActionManager object
Using predefined actions
Transitioning between scenes
Simple collision detection
Playing background music
Playing sound effects
Chapter 5: Working with Physics2D
Creating a simple simulation with gravity
Switching between dynamic and kinematic
Creating a (physics!) joint
Applying force and picking a physics scene object
Querying if a collision occurred
Rigid body collision shapes
Building and using an external library
Chapter 6: Working with GUIs
"Hello World" – HighLevel.UI style
Using the UI library within a GameEngine2D application
Creating and using hierarchies of widgets
Creating a UI visually using UIComposer
Displaying a MessageBox dialog
Handling touch gestures and using UI effects
Handling language localization
Chapter 7: Into the Third Dimension
Creating a simple 3D scene
Displaying a textured 3D object
Implementing a simple camera system
A fragment (pixel) shader in action
A vertex shader in action
Adding lighting to your scene
Using an offscreen frame buffer to take a screenshot
Chapter 8: Working with the Model Library
Importing a 3D model for use in PlayStation Mobile
Loading and displaying a 3D model
Using BasicProgram to perform texture and shader effects
Controlling lighting using BasicProgram
Animating a model
Handling multiple animations
Using bones to add a sword to our animated model
Chapter 9: Finishing Touches
Opening and loading a web browser
Socket-based client and server networking
Accessing (Twitter) data over the network using REST and HttpWebRequest
Copying and pasting using Clipboard
Embedding and retrieving a resource from the application assembly
Configuring your application using PublishingUtility
Creating downloadable content (DLC) for your application

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how to handle multiple sources of input to really help you create something unique
  • Load and animate sprites within your own 2D game to get up and running quickly with the SDK
  • Harness the power of the GameEngine 2D library to make your workflow easier
  • Add engaging physics to your game projects with amazing ease
  • Learn how to play a variety of sound effects and music and increase player immersion
  • Create and navigate a 3D world, taking your visuals to the next level
  • Use 3D models and shaders to make your projects look stunning
  • Add multiplayer functionality for exciting competitive and cooperative gameplay

In Detail

With the PlayStation®Mobile SDK you can create stunning games for the PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation™Certified devices (PS Certified devices). It includes everything you need to get started, including an IDE for developing your code and even an emulator to test your creations.

"PlayStation®Mobile Development Cookbook"| is an exciting and practical collection of recipes that help you make the most of this exciting new platform. It provides you with everything you need to create complete 2D or 3D games and applications that fully unlock the potential of the SDK.

After quickly covering the basics, you'll learn how to utilize input sources like touch, gamepads, and motion controls, and then move on to more advanced content like creating and animating 2D graphics, networking, playing sound effects and music, adding physics, and then finally jumping into the world of 3D.


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