OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook

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  • Delve deep into application design through creating Win32, MFC, and Windows Forms OGRE 3D applications
  • Build a simple OGRE 3D plugin to add customized effects to your application
  • Learn to use keyboard, mouse, and voice inputs
  • Implement Delaunay triangulation for terrain
  • Create a parametric superellipsoid
  • Add trees as bill boards and create and edit scenes
  • Implement weather control and shadow effects for a professional look
  • Use geoimages as texture for terrain and create dynamic textures for that special effect
  • Create different types of animation such as skeletal, morph, and pose animation
  • Manage views and zoom and create orbit views

OGRE (Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) 3D is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce applications utilizing hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

Graphics application development with OGRE 3D may start small, but may soon balloon into monstrously complex beasts, which just can't be all understood at once. This book will help you to easily develop applications using OGRE 3D.

OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook will help solve common problems you may face while developing 3D graphics applications using OGRE 3D. You will learn to create various types of Windows applications, scene querying, and visibility analysis among other things from this book.

This book includes some advanced recipes involved in developing applications with OGRE 3D. Each recipe deals with adding some specific feature to your application.

The book first covers creating various types of Windows applications available for the OGRE developer, creating plugins for customization, and OGRE resources management. You will then learn to efficiently implement various input methods for OGRE applications followed by managing scenes and objects impressively. Lights, special effects, and materials that provide enhancing effects are covered next. Further, character motion and collision detection are included followed by animations and multimedia, which help in producing a thorough professional look. Finally, we wrap it up with scene queries and views.

OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook provides a great reference for your OGRE 3D application development needs and helps you to deliver impressive results more quickly and with greater ease.

  • Dive into the advanced features of OGRE 3D such as scene querying and visibility analysis
  • Give stunning effects to your application through suitable use of lights, special effects, and views
  • Surf through the full spectrum of OGRE 3D animation methods and insert flashy multimedia
  • Ample amount of sample code accompanied by relevant screenshots for easier and quicker learning
Page Count 306
Course Length 9 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781849514569
Date Of Publication 3 May 2012


Ilya Grinblat

Ilya Grinblat started to work 35 years ago as developer of control systems, and some years later, he moved to the development of Computer Aided Design software. He was a development manager of the architectural software ARC+, and was working in the development of the 3D city software—a software for 3D editing and management of a 3D printer. Last year, he was working in the development of simulators and the 3D GIS software. He was using Ogre to develop Civil Simulate—a software for 3D modeling of roads and driving simulation.

Alex Peterson

Alex Peterson is a graphics enthusiast with a background in game programming. His work with the Ogre engine is primarily due to programming a universe size game engine, a space skybox creator called Spacescape, and most recently, mobile games. Though his current life is filled with his family and running a business, he makes it a point be active musically and spiritually. He aims to promote his faith in God through his work to serve others whether it is by fueling their creativity, entertaining them, or sharpening them like iron.