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  • User management concepts
  • Security models and design
  • Core administrative concepts
  • Monitor the health of your environment
  • Auditing and discovering the impact on performance – finding the thin line
  • Email management and configuration
  • Business management

This course focuses on the most common tasks that a Dynamics 365 Administrator must master.

From the basic everyday user management to in-depth security models, performance maintenance and auditing, the administrator must be familiar with all of the aspects required to keep a CRM environment running smoothly. You will start with managing subscriptions and licenses, then will assign and configure user roles. Then, you'll learn how to manage system settings, add multi-lingual support, and utilize user resources. Also, you'll review CRM platform performance and the different types of system functionality. Then, you'll learn how to manage a business, data, and various services using the CRM platform. Lastly, you’ll cover auditing, CRM application management, and the various templates available.

By the end of this course, you will understand the core concepts required for a Dynamics 365 Administrator role.

  • Organization onboarding
  • User and security management
  • Monitoring and auditing
Course Length 2 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781788296373
Date Of Publication 3 Jul 2019


Nicolae Tarla

Nicolae Tarla is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant and Business Solutions MVP. He specializes in solution architecture and technical presales. He has worked on various mid-size to enterprise-level Dynamics 365/CRM and SharePoint implementations and Dynamics 365 F&O/BC integrations for both the private and public sectors. He has been delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions since version 3.0 of the platform. He has also published several books on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and has presented at conferences on this topic. He is actively involved in the CRM community.