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Mastering Unity 4 Scripting [Video]

Kyle D'Aoust

Master Unity 4 gameplay scripting with this dynamic video course
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Video Details

ISBN 139781849696142
Course Length1 hour 39 minutes and 46 seconds

About This Video

  • Master Unity scripting using C# through step-by-step demonstrations
  • Create enemy AI systems
  • Script character animations
  • Program directional and conditional sound effects as well as background music

Who This Video Is For

This video course is for anyone who has at least a basic knowledge of programming and/or experience with Unity programming. If you have programming experience but haven't used Unity before, or if you have Unity programming skills and are looking to expand them, then this course is perfect for you.

Table of Contents

Creating a Background Audio Controller
Creating a Background Music Playlist System
Implementing Collision-based Changes
Implementing Situational Changes
Incorporating Sound Effects
Create Input-based Sound Effects
Implementing Environmental Sound Effects
Implementing Background Music
Making 2D Parallax Backgrounds
Create A Basic 2D Parallax Background
Implement Basic Character Movement into the Background
Create an Advanced 2D Parallax Background
Making 3D Parallax Backgrounds
Create the 3D Parallax
Implement Character Controls Part 1
Implement Character Controls Part 2
Creating an Enemy Character Controller
Create Character States
Create Character Animations
Test Character States and Animations
Creating Enemy AI
Create Stationary Enemy AI
Create Patrolling Enemy AI
Implement Behaviors to the AI
Creating Level Changing Systems
Create a Collision-based Level Changing System
Create a GUI-based Level Changing System
Create a Random Level Changing System
Creating an Item Carry-Over System
Create PlayerPrefs for Items
Create Save System for PlayerPrefs
Create Load System for PlayerPrefs

What You Will Learn

  • Create a background audio controller
  • Incorporate directional and conditional sound effects
  • Make 2D and 3D parallax backgrounds
  • Create an enemy character controller
  • Script an enemy AI
  • Create level changing systems
  • Save and load data

In Detail

Mastering Unity 4 Scripting will show you the ropes for all the tools you'll need to make just about any game. Whether it's 2D or 3D, a first-person shooter or puzzle game, everything you need to know, will be covered in this course.

Mastering Unity 4 Scripting will teach you everything you need to know in order to make a wide variety of games. This course covers valuable topics such as audio, animation, saving and loading data, as well as scripting behavioral artificial intelligence - all of which will be discussed in a systematic and simple series of videos.

This course begins by demonstrating how to program audio, then delves into AI scripting, and then wraps up with how to save and load data. Beginning with handling audio and sound effects, you then get into handling parallax backgrounds. After that, you will learn how to create an AI and character controller for a generic enemy. The course then wraps up by learning how to change levels and save/load data.

Mastering Unity 4 Scripting is a great course to learn all you need to get started with making your own games.



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