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  • Work and communicate effectively in the modern games industry
  • Develop simple and advanced gameplay systems
  • How to leverage the standard core C++ libraries
  • Use modern real-time rendering techniques to achieve immersive 3D visuals
  • Achieve a narrative-driven game experience using a variety of data management techniques
  • Implement scripting using LUA
  • Learn AI algorithms and concepts for handling motion, behavior, and decision making
  • Implementation of the OpenGL, Bullet Physics, GLM, SteamVR and other common libraries

Although many languages are now being used to develop games, C++ remains the standard for professional development. The majority of professional libraries and toolchains are still built using C++. The primary goal of this book is to teach you how to harness the power of the language and provide you with the ability to build high-quality games.

To begin, you will be presented with, an overview of popular development methodologies, and a short guide to updated features of the C++ 17 standard. You will learn how to leverage existing libraries such as OpenGL and the STL (standard library) to build complex systems. Throughout the journey, you will also build a set of C++ 17 compatible libraries that can be reused in your own development projects. In the last half of the book, you will work with demos designed to introduce you to advanced rendering techniques, interactive physics, advanced AI techniques, and even multiplayer game concerns with modern networks.

  • Make the best use of object-oriented capabilities of C++ to develop high-end games
  • Create reusable C++ libraries and editor tools for your game
  • Series of example projects demonstrating advanced techniques to build games of any genre
Page Count 344
Course Length 10 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781788629225
Date Of Publication 29 Jan 2018


Mickey Macdonald

Mickey MacDonald is a professional game designer and developer who has experience in developing both AAA and indie titles for a variety of gaming platforms and devices. Growing up, he always enjoyed playing video games, which inspired him to start creating his own. He is also a technical evangelist at Microsoft with focus on game development. As part of his role, a lot of his time is spent talking to other game developers and sharing the lessons he has learned in his development experiences. In his spare time, he enjoys researching video games and collecting vintage game consoles and computer systems.