Learning ShiVa3D Game Development

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  • Creating a mobile game in ShiVa3D
  • Using the editor and the modules available
  • Handling game and user generated events
  • Learning ShiVa’s scripting language - StoneScript
  • Configuring object physics and sensors
  • Creating special effects such as fire and vapor trails
  • Using UI elements such as buttons and indicators
  • Deploying your game to an Android device
  • Additional resources for learning game development and creating game assets

Mobile games have been the recent craze and with so many ways to monetize the popularity of these games, it is no wonder that game developers are excited to get into the market. However, the mobile platforms that are available and their popularity constantly change meaning that developers have to be able to react quickly to the market. ShiVa3D gives developers the power to quickly develop the game once, but deploy to almost every popular mobile platform, which enables them to have greater distribution and a greater opportunity to sell games.

"Learning ShiVa3D Game Development" is a simple, hands-on guide to the key features of the ShiVa3D game engine that will enable you to get up and running with your mobile game ideas. Learning ShiVa3D Game Development will make it possible to easily develop your game once, but publish it to most of the popular mobile platforms.

This book specifically targets the key features of ShiVa3D that will enable you to create games quickly. It will take you through designing game components in the editor and provide detailed explanations for every line of scripting used.

You’ll look at how the modular nature of the editor allows you to do everything from scripting, to complex physics interactions, to special effects with only a few adjustments to pre-configured settings. We will see how to deal with input from the keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen as well as how to add sound effects and music to a game. You will get to actually play your game as you learn to deploy a game to an Android phone. If you are looking for a way to make your game ideas a reality, then this is the book for you.

By the end of this book, you would have learnt everything you need to know to create your own mobile game that can then be deployed just about anywhere.

  • Step-by-step hands-on introduction, perfect for those just getting started in mobile development
  • Use the StoneScript scripting language to handle object interactions and game events
  • Use the ShiVa editor to create special effects, realistic physics, and level design
Page Count 166
Course Length 4 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781849693509
Date Of Publication 23 Nov 2012


Wade Tracy

Wade Tracy is the founder of Subspace Games which was created with the intent of inviting the internet audience to learn game development and design alongside him. He has experience developing mobile applications for Blackberry devices and currently develops enterprise applications using the .Net framework. More than anything he enjoys spending time with his family.