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  • Install Cocos2D and create projects using Cocos2D Xcode templates
  • Understand the Cocos2D architecture and its main classes
  • Render images and text, move and animate them
  • Control your game using touches and a gyroscope
  • Create a user interface and navigate between game screens
  • Use the physics engine to apply forces and detect collisions
  • Add sounds and music and change playback properties
  • Integrate your game with Game Center and make In-App purchases

Cocos2D-iPhone (Cocos2D-Swift) is a robust yet simple-touse 2D game framework for iPhone. If you are just starting with game programming, Cocos2D will enable you to make your first game in no time. Even if you are a seasoned game developer, you will still be able to benefit from what Cocos2D offers.

This book will set you on the fast-track to game development with Cocos2D for iPhone. You will start by reviewing the basic classes and hierarchy, dive deep into animations and game flow, and finish by creating a complete game with UI using some advanced techniques.

You will begin the book with an empty Cocos2D project and build on it until you end up with a complete game. The book will teach you how to work on game logic, handling user input, controlling the character, and playing audio. Later, in the final part of the book, we'll have a working game on our hands, and we'll see how we can improve the game further

  • Find practical solutions to many real-world game development problems
  • Create games from start to finish by writing code and following detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Full of illustrations and diagrams, practical examples, and tips for deeper understanding of game development in Cocos2D for iPhone
Page Count 434
Course Length 13 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781782160144
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2014


Kirill Muzykov

Kirill Muzykov has been passionate about programming since the age of six, when he wrote his first line of code in BASIC. After graduating from university, he worked for a couple of years in a software development company, but then decided he wanted to be in charge and founded a new company with two of his colleagues.

It took several years to grow the company from a small team consisting of cofounders to one of the leading companies in the region. However, after almost six years and dozens of completed projects for clients, he tried game development and fell in love with it. A few years ago, he made a big turn in his career and started working as an independent game developer.

In his free time, he loves to play games and watch Simpsons and Futurama. You can find his blog and forum for this book at