Learning Cocos2d-JS Game Development

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  • Discover the basics behind each game genre, from endless runners to puzzles, and from physics games to match games
  • Target different resolutions, screen sizes, screen ratios, and deal with landscape and portrait screens
  • Place and move sprites on the screen, using scrolling and tweening for smooth movements
  • Enhance your game by adding sound effects and background music
  • Create physics-driven games with unmatched realism
  • Create and destroy bodies with a single touch while managing forces, collisions, and gravity
  • Improve your game's visual appeal by adding particles to generate explosions, fire trails, and other appealing effects
  • Manage resources and save memory by packing all your graphic assets in a single file

Whether you are new to game development or an experienced developer, you will be surprised by how easy it is to create HTML5 cross-platform games with Cocos2d-JS. In this book, you will use JavaScript to create spectacular and exciting games of different genres.

Without any dreary theory, which often discourages technical book readers, each chapter will guide you through the creation of different games, each packed with new and exciting features.

You will begin by learning the basics of a cross-platform game. You'll also learn to animate, rotate, scroll, and tween sprites. You will learn to make your game more enticing by adding your own special touch using features such as music, sound effects, and physics. You'll also learn to protect, sitelock, export, and publish the games you have created. By the end of the book, you'll have created a complete cross-platform game right from scratch, featuring leader boards and third-party adverts, complete with the final polish every game should require.

  • Create HTML5 games running both on desktop and mobile devices, played with both mouse and touch controls
  • Add advanced features such as realistic physics, particle effects, scrolling, tweaking, sound effects, background music, and more to your games
  • Build exciting cross-platform games and build a memory game, an endless runner and a physics-driven game
Page Count 188
Course Length 5 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781784390075
Date Of Publication 12 Jan 2015


Emanuele Feronato

Emanuele Feronato has been studying programming languages since the early 1980s, with a particular interest in game development. He has taught online programming for European Social Fund (ESF), and then founded a web development company in Italy.

As a game developer, Emanuele developed Flash games sponsored by the biggest game portals and his games have been played more than 90 million times. He now ports most of them on mobile platforms and develops HTML5 games, which have been featured in the most important mobile web markets, such as Amazon.

As a writer, he has worked as a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing and published the books Flash Game Development by Example and Box2D for Flash Games.

His blog, www.emanueleferonato.com, is one of the most visited blogs about indie game development.