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  • Explore the latest features of C# to develop games
  • Grasp the art of scripting and adding objects to the scene with C# 
  • Personalize and create your own 2D game
  • Transform your 2D game into a 3D game
  • Setting up level progressions for your games 
  • Use Object oriented programming with your 3D game
  • Share your games and achievements with your loved ones

Building games using Unity 3D has been very exciting for developers. Sharing that game with your friends and learning C# along the way and can be even more rewarding

You will get acquainted with basic working information on how to get started with C# 7 and its latest features to create exciting games with help of Unity 5. From here, you can then Implement these features to develop a Flappy Bird application. Once you have developed your first application and gained expertise then you can now use some more features of C# and Unity to create a 2D version of Space Shooter Application and then develop a First-Person Shooter Application in 3D and enjoy its effects. Moving forward you will explore Object oriented Programming to simplify your codes and finally sharing your games with your loved ones.

Along the way you will learn topics ranging from basic to intermediate concepts and create 3 games of your own. You will amaze yourself as you create fun games all while learning more about C# and game development.

Style and Approach

A step by step guide using humor and the author's vast knowledge of game development using C#.

  • Learn C# coding while developing fun and interactive games with Unity 2017
  • Leverage the power of C# to add exciting features to your games
  • Explore the functional capabilities of C#7 to improve your overall game performance
Course Length 7 hours 35 minutes
ISBN 9781788628778
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2018


Daniel Wise

Daniel Wise has worked in various career paths both domestic and abroad, and since then he focused on the tech field. He began his journey learning programming on while he lived abroad in Busan, South Korea. His interest in tech began to grow after being accepted into the Flatiron School and returned to the USA to pursue this new career.

He has gained experience in the tech field not just on the development side but on the business side as well. His experience and hard work running an indie game studio (known as Ultima Game Studios) paid off when their game demo was chosen to be exhibited at PAX East 2017. This experience in the gaming industry allowed him to utilize his talents in both development and marketing.

Currently he is a busy freelancer, handling projects in Unity development and also writing technical lessons to share his knowledge online. He believes that it is his duty to help others learn about tech/coding while creating projects and learning new things himself. He also assesses promotional ideas and strategies for those looking to promote their businesses online.