iOS Game Programming Cookbook

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  • Explore Apple's new SpriteKit framework
  • Create advanced iOS games using emitters, parallax effects, and texture packers
  • Add sound to your games with iCloud support
  • Implement and integrate various AI behaviors, such as flocking, alignment, and cohesion in your game
  • Develop a mini 3D game using OpenGL
  • Create a multiplayer drag-race game using Bluetooth

As mobile game development is increasing in popularity, iOS Game Programming Cookbook offers a cutting-edge platform for you to visualize and strengthen your game ideas and implementation. You will start by understanding the concepts of SpriteKit and implement them in your games. You will learn about the particle system, game center, and how to analyze game performance, followed by how to use SpriteKit's built-in physics simulation and integrate the physics world in the game with bodies that have joints and can detect collisions in your projects. Next, you will pump up the volume in your game by adding music with iCloud support.

Moving on, you will add various AI behaviors and obstacle avoidance in your games. You will also get the chance to refresh your mathematics and physics skills to get a deeper understanding of game AI. By the end of the book, you will have created a multiplayer game!

  • Learn to create 2D graphics with Sprite Kit, game physics, AI behaviours, 3D game programming, and multiplayer gaming
  • Use native iOS frameworks for OpenGL to create 3D textures, allowing you to explore 3D animations and game programming
  • Explore powerful iOS game features through detailed step-by-step recipes
Page Count 300
Course Length 9 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781784398255
Date Of Publication 25 Mar 2015


Bhanu Birani

Bhanu Birani has more than 7 years of experience in the software industry. He is passionate about architecting, designing, and developing complicated applications. He specializes in creating web, backend as a service, and mobile products suitable for B2B and B2C context. He has expertise in end to end development to create innovative and engaging applications for mobile devices.

After years of programming experience in different programming languages, he started developing applications for iOS devices. He started software development around the same time as his graduation and was really interested in learning about the new technologies emerging in the market. He then joined a game development company. After contributing to the gaming domain, he started working on content-based applications and radio applications. He also contributed to hyperlocal geo-targeting using BLE (iBeacons). Over the years, he has gained experience in all phases of software development as requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, architecture design, coding and debugging, quality improvement, deployment, and maintenance.

Chhavi Vaishnav

Chhavi Vaishnav has more than 4 years of experience in the software industry. After her master's, she started working with IBM as a test engineer and then with extraordinary talent, she was promoted to the role of release manager in the organization. Despite being in the management profile, she has a relentless inclination towards iOS and mobility. She has contributed and worked on several projects directly and indirectly by strategizing and managing the technology in depth. She is a complete package for the organization with a get it done mindset.