HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook

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  • Master the art of mobile web design for multiple platforms.
  • Execute best practice guidelines for cross platform development.
  • Create fast and responsive mobile websites.
  • Debug mobile websites efficiently and effectively.
  • Leverage HTML5 multimedia features such as Canvas and SVG for the mobile web.
  • Build HTML5 geo-location based applications.
  • Take a sneak peek into the exciting world of emerging mobile web technologies such as AJAX 2.
  • Integrate your mobile websites with Facebook and Twitter.



How do I create fast and responsive mobile websites that work across a range of platforms? For developers dealing with the proliferation of mobile devices each with unique screen sizes and performance limitations, it is an important question. This cookbook provides the answer. You will learn how to apply the latest HTML5 mobile web features effectively across a range of mobile devices.

HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook will show you how to plan, build, debug and optimize mobile websites. Apply the latest HTML5 features that are best for mobile, while discovering emerging mobile web features to integrate in your mobile sites.

Build a rock-solid default mobile HTML template and understand mobile user interaction. Make your site fast and responsive, leveraging the uniqueness of location-based mobile features and mobile rich media. Make your mobile website perfect using debugging, performance optimization and server-side tuning. The book finishes with a sneak preview of future mobile web technologies.

  • Solve your cross platform development issues by implementing device and content adaptation recipes.
  • Maximum action, minimum theory allowing you to dive straight into HTML5 mobile web development.
  • Incorporate HTML5-rich media and geo-location into your mobile websites.


Page Count 254
Course Length 7 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781849691963
Date Of Publication 1 Feb 2012


Shi Chuan

Shi Chuan is an independent web developer. He is also leading the community development of Mobile Boilerplate ( He does everything HTML5-related, both mobile and desktop. He creates websites and webapps for both independent business owners and MNCs. He is excited about the future of mobile and HTML5 and is doing the best he can to embrace fashion's free culture and to help shape a more open web. He has a semi-regular blog at: To find out more about him, visit: