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HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS

Davy Cielen, Arno Meysman

With basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML you could soon be designing and selling your own 2D games. This book takes you through the whole process using the ImpactJS engine. A fun, involving guide.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849694568
Paperback304 pages

About This Book

  • A practical hands-on approach to teach you how to build your own game from scratch.
  • Learn to incorporate game physics.
  • How to monetize and deploy to the web and mobile platforms.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. If you have the desire to build your own game for your website or an app store but have no idea how and where to begin, this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Firing Up Your First Impact Game
Installing a XAMPP server
Installing the game engine: ImpactJS
Choosing a script editor
Running the premade game
Debugging your game with the browser and ImpactJS
Which helpful tools are out there
Chapter 2: Introducing ImpactJS
Building your own levels
Objects – playable and non-playable characters
The camera view
Adding music and sound effects
Game physics with Box2D
Chapter 3: Let's Build a Role Playing Game
The RPG game setting
Building an RPG level
Adding a playable character
Introducing a defeatable opponent
Giving the player some weapons
Bringing your NPCs to life with artificial intelligence
Pickup items to help out your player
Keeping score for player feedback
Transitioning from one area to another
NPCs and conversation
The final battle
Chapter 4: Let's Build a Side Scroller Game
The side scroller game setting
Building a side scroller level
The playable character
Adding a minor foe
Introducing formidable weapons
Artificial intelligence
Pickup items
Keeping score
Transitioning from one level to another
The final battle
Chapter 5: Adding Some Advanced Features to Your Game
The Start and Game-over screen
Handling game data
Extra functionalities for the RPG
Artificial intelligence: The hive mind
Implementing Playtomic for game analytics
Chapter 6: Music and Sound Effects
Making or buying the music
Buying tunes and sound effects
Making a basic tune using FL Studio
Adding background music to your game
Playing a sound when an action has happened
Tips when using sound files in your game
Chapter 7: Graphics
Making/buying the graphics
Where to buy graphics
Introduction to vector graphics
Creating your own avatar using Adobe Photoshop
Adding your creation to the RPG
Hints for graphics in HTML5
Chapter 8: Adapting Your HTML5 Game to the Distribution Channels
Preparing your game for the web browser
Preparing our game for mobile web browsers
Turning the game into a web app for the Google Chrome Web Store
Pushing your game to Android's Google play store
Making your game available on Facebook
Direct canvas game acceleration with AppMobi
Chapter 9: Making Money with Your Game
Your game development strategy
Making money with game apps
In-game advertising
Selling distribution rights with MarketJS

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a game development environment on your computer
  • Find and use resources such as graphics, music, and sound effects
  • Integrate the Box2D engine in ImpactJS to make a side scroller game with realistic physics
  • Build a top-down game using solely the ImpactJS engine
  • Optimize and prepare your games for computer screens and mobile browsers
  • Turn your HTML5 game into an app for Google Play, Apple, and Chrome app stores

In Detail

ImpactJS is a JavaScript library specially geared towards building 2-dimensional games. It is intuitive and versatile and allows the game developer to get results in no time while keeping an easy overview when games grow more complex. Games built with ImpactJS can be published on websites and even as an app on both Android and iOS.

With "HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS", building games for the Web and app markets has never been so easy. Using the ImpactJS JavaScript engine, you only need this book and basic knowledge of JavaScript in order to build and publish your own game.

"HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS" allows a single person to build a full game. Using only basic knowledge of JavaScript and this book, you will end up publishing a 2D game for the entire world to enjoy. You will learn to set up a working environment and gather all the necessary tools and resources your game needs. Develop both a top-down and a side scroller game, integrate physics such as gravity, and deploy your game as an app or to your website.


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