Hands-on Game Development with Unity 2018.1 [Video]

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  • Develop a foundation in game development in Unity by using industry-standard techniques
  • Design and implement prototypes to iterate quickly
  • Build a reusable framework to make development smoother
  • Master Unity's latest features to stay ahead of the curve
  • Master the best practices and techniques you need to know to develop professional games in Unity from beginning concept to launch

Want to learn to make games in Unity, but aren't sure where to start? Game development is more popular than ever right now, and there has never been a better time to jump in.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to develop professional games in Unity from concept to launch. You will learn the best practices and techniques, whether you’'re looking to go indie or get hired as a Unity game developer. By the end of this course you will have honed the necessary skills to kick-start your game development career, so jump in now and get started!

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-Game-Development-with-Unity-2018.1/tree/development

Style and Approach

Learn by example: This course will give you hands-on experience with relevant code samples, as you build your very own game from start to finish. We cover the industry-standard approach to every problem and give you the skills to grow as a game developer. Most importantly, we'll break down complex theory into meaningful examples every step of the way.

  • Learn to create games from scratch.
  • Learn from relevant and intriguing examples.
  • Learn to use the latest unity 2018.x features.
Course Length 4 hours 5 minutes
ISBN 9781786465436
Date Of Publication 12 Jul 2018


Raymundo Barrera

Raymundo Barrera is a software engineer, who has spent the better part of the decade working on various serious, entertainment and educational projects in Unity. He has spoken at college campuses, and presented a talk at Unite 2017 in Austin, on app development in Unity. He is currently working in education tech as director of mobile engineering at a well-known education company. Free time outside of work is spent on a number of hobbies, including hiking, music, and cooking (primarily Mexican food).