Getting Started with Unity 2D Game Development [Video]

More Information
  • Start a project and develop an appropriate folder structure
  • Create and save scenes
  • Import sprites and effectively manipulate sprite sheets
  • Learn the basics of writing C# code in Mono Develop
  • Access components and scripts in objects within a scene
  • Create effective User Interfaces for various platforms, including the mobile arena
  • Navigate between scenes
  • Create a text adventure game

This video will help you build 2D games in Unity using the engine's 2D technologies based on Version 5.x.

You will be shown how to get up-and-running with Unity 5.4.1, including the basic steps to choose the appropriate edition and install the software. You will also be shown how to find older versions of Unity and learn about the key differences compared to previous versions.

To start with, you will learn the introductory information needed to work in Unity 2D game development. The video describes the process of setting up a project in 2D mode, covers the use of 2D sprites, discusses ways to access 2D objects via code, and explains the basics of the User Interface. It then covers the very first game genre—text adventure—and you will go on to create an example of this with the various elements discussed earlier in the chapter.

Once you reach the end and have produced a text adventure game, you can go back to the challenges included in each chapter and use them to improve the game and your 2D game development skills!

Style and Approach

This video takes a step-by-step, practical, tutorial-style approach. The steps are accompanied by examples, and all the intermediate steps are clearly explained. The focus of this video is on advanced topics so that your game looks awesome and performs efficiently.

  • Provide a strong foundation for 2D game development.
  • Equip viewers with the skills necessary to program procedurally generated games.
  • Demonstrate how to publish games to the Web and various mobile devices.
Course Length 1 hour 56 Minutes
ISBN 9781787120884
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2017


Dr. Ashley Godbold

Ashley Godbold is a programmer, game designer, artist, mathematician, and teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Master of Science in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design, and a Doctor of Computer Science in Emerging Media where her dissertation research focused on educational video game design. She also authored Mastering Unity 2D Game Development: Second Edition (Packt Publishing). She enjoys playing video games and watching anime with her husband, daughter, and two cats.