Getting Started with C++ Audio Programming for Game Development

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  • Design complex generative /interactive sounds
  • Simulate an environment with 3D audio and effects
  • Load and play audio files in several formats
  • Control audio playback and many sound parameters
  • Adapt an audio API to fit the needs of a game

Audio plays a fundamental role in video games. From music to sound effects or dialogue, it helps to reinforce the experience, convey the mood, and give feedback to the player. Presently, many games have achieved commercial success by incorporating game sounds that have enhanced the user experience. You can achieve this in your games with the help of the FMOD library. This book provides you with a practical guide to implementing the FMOD toolkit in your games.

Getting Started with C++ Audio Programming for Game Developers is a quick and practical introduction to the most important audio programming topics that any game developer is expected to know. Whether you need to play only a few audio files or you intend to design a complex audio simulation, this book will help you get started enhancing your game with audio programs.

Getting Started with C++ Audio Programming for Game Developers covers a broad range of topics – from loading and playing audio files to simulating sounds within a virtual environment and implementing interactive sounds that react to events in the game.

The book starts off with an explanation of the fundamental audio concepts, after which it proceeds to explain how to use the FMOD Ex library, how to implement a 3D audio simulation, how to use the FMOD Designer toolkit, and how best to work with multi-layered sounds with complex behaviors attached to them. The final part of the book deals with working with audio at a much lower level by manipulating audio data directly.

This book will provide you with a good foundation so that you can successfully implement audio into your games and begin pursuing other advanced topics in audio programming with confidence.

  • Add audio to your game using FMOD and wrap it in your own code
  • Understand the core concepts of audio programming and work with audio at different levels of abstraction
  • Work with a technology that is widely considered to be the industry standard in audio middleware
Page Count 116
Course Length 3 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781849699099
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2013


David Gouveia

David Gouveia is a Software Engineer and Game Developer from Portugal, Madeira Island. He recently finished his MSc in Computer Science, with a specialization in graphics and multimedia, and is currently working full-time as a game programmer for a local company. He runs an educational blog about game development and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community whenever possible. His main interests in game development are graphics and audio programming. He also has a strong interest in music and synthesizers, having played the keyboard most of his life.