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GameSalad Essentials

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  • Design your game from the initial concept to paper to screen
  • Set up GameSalad on your system and get started with your first project from scratch
  • Understand and implement logo animation and preprogrammed introduction animations
  • Create gameplay mechanics such as health system, lives, scoring, power ups, ammo, inventory, GUI, and more!
  • Use GameSalad's new, extremely powerful tables system to create RPG-style conversations and inventory systems
  • Create enemies and level objectives, along with saving player progress
  • Polish your game and get some useful input about the challenges of game development

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to start developing your own game, from the design process, to the creation, and in-depth development features of GameSalad.

You will start by designing your game and importing artwork, and quickly move to setting up in GameSalad. Once you set up your menu and controls, you will create players and make them attack all they find while detecting collisions. Of course, it's important to keep track of their health, ammo, and other vitals, so you will learn that next! To spice things up further, we will add enemies, teach them how to behave (or not), and create minimaps and other objectives to keep your players hooked.

We will round off with some important details about monetization, cross-platform deployment, and other pearls of wisdom to help you on your own journey. Phew!

  • Create a complete game through the course of the book with in-depth, hands-on instructions
  • Start making money in the ever-expanding indie developer scene with amazing games in no time
  • Work with all the complex powerful features of GameSalad while keeping the complex technical jargon to a minimum
Page Count 154
Course Length 4 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781784391973
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2015


Miguel DeQuadros

Miguel DeQuadros is a game developer and the founder of the independent development studio, Wurd Industries, based in Ontario, Canada. He has been developing iPhone games since the release of the App Store back at the exciting release of iOS 2.0. Since then, he has released 10 games and 1 entertainment app world-wide on the App Store with more to come from Wurd Industries.

He was originally interested in 3D animation and graphical design, which he focused on mainly in 2004. But, he then got the game development bug and has been developing iPhone apps since 2008, which also allows him to use his creativity and knowledge of 3D animation for cut scenes and videos within his apps, and he is loving every minute of it. Starting from his first project, Toy Tennis, back in 2008, down to his current project, SpaceRoads, for PC, Mac, Wii U, and other platforms, he continues to develop high-quality apps and games alike. Moving away from simple game development tools, he now primarily uses Unity3D, 3D Studio Max, and the Unreal Engine for his current project in an aim to create very high-quality games.

His games can be seen on the App Store on iOS, Steam Greenlight, Amazon, and IndieCity, and of course on his website, www.wurdindustries.com. His games have been reviewed on YouTube by Action Soup Studios, and you can also find his interviews there.