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GameSalad Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide
Miguel DeQuadros

A fun, quick, step-by-step guide to creating games with levels, physics, sound, and numerous enemies using GameSalad with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849692205
Paperback308 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to build three games; Ball Drop, Space Defender, and Metal Mech with GameSalad
  • Complete these games with sound effects, use of physics, gravity, and collisions
  • Learn tips and tricks to make a game popular straight from the author’s own experience
  • Follow a step-by-step, tutorial-focused process that matches the development process of the game with plenty of screenshots
  • Only book to cover GameSalad in such detail and with examples

Who This Book Is For

If you are a game enthusiast, who is looking to build games with GameSalad quickly, then this book is for you. You need not know any programming. The book does not deal with GameSalad’s installation and basic set up. The ideal reader would know how to install and set up GameSalad.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: You Need a Plan!
How to come up with an original idea
Chapter 2: Getting Started with GameSalad
System requirements
Let's get into GameSalad
Getting familiar with GameSalad's interface
Creating a new project!
Time for action – setting up a platform level
Time for action – let's make your player move!
Time for action – create ways to win or lose
Chapter 3: Add Zest to your Salad
Designing sprites
Time for action – let's draw a platform
Time for action – let's draw our door
Time for action – Let's add some sound
Time for action – let's create some particles
Time for action – winning the level
Time for action – let's make a better-looking character
Chapter 4: Starting Simple: Ball Drop Part 1
Let's create our sprites
Time for action – let's get this project started
Level selection
Creating Level 1
Time for action – creating the easy levels
Creating Level
Creating Level 3
Creating Level 4
Creating Level 6
Creating Level 8
Creating a very tough level, Level 9
Creating Level 10
The finishing touches
Chapter 5: Starting Simple: Ball Drop Part 2
Creating our menu, by adding behaviors to images!
Time for action – programming our menu
Time for action – creating our level selection menu
Programming the first five levels
Time for action – adding gravity, touch controls, and physics
Time for action – programming teleporters
Time for action – side scrolling
Time for action – adding particles and kill zones
Creating the finishing touches
Time for action – scoring, HUD, and more!
Time for action – starting and restarting the level with buttons
Chapter 6: Space Defender Part 1
Creating UI and sprites
Creating the menu and more sprites
Making Level 1
Time for action – player collisions
Time for action – making the asteroids go kaboom!
Time for action – creating the sound effects! (pew pew kaboom)
Time for action – player acceleration
Time for action – player rotation buttons
Time for action – rotating the player
Chapter 7: Space Defender Part 2
Level Wrapping
Giving your player some firepower
Time for action – making our player shoot
Bringing our aliens to life
Time for action – making the aliens shoot
Time for action – creating particle effects for the rockets
Time for action – rocket collision
Ending the game
Time for action – detecting when all enemies are gone
Time for action – creating Leaderboards
Testing your game on your device
Time for action – installing GS viewer on your device
Chapter 8: Metal Mech Part 1
Designing our interface!
Designing good, long levels
Designing the characters!
Time for action – creating the Menu!
Time for action – creating the Objectives screen
Time for action – creating our first level!
Chapter 9: Metal Mech Part 2
Making our player shoot!
Time for action – creating bullet behaviors
Time for action – creating bullet collisions
Adding some spice to our game
Time for action – creating burning twisted wreckage
Creating Our AI
Time for action – AI Detection (lines of sight)
Adding spice to our player and UI
Time for action – creating player health, and a HUD
Rockets, smoke, and explosions, oh my!
Time for action – creating the rockets
Time for action – creating particle effects
Time for action – particle explosions!
Adding more interface elements
Time for action – creating speedometer and a compass
Chapter 10: Metal Mech Part 3
Creating Level 1 collisions
Time for action – creating level bounds
Creating sound effects!
Creating turrets in a new level
Time for action – making the turrets fire!
Weapon overheating, and more UI fun!
iPhone controls!
Time for action – touch controls
Time for action - iPhone acceleration
Chapter 11: Metal Mech Part 4
Putting your App on the App Store
Time for action – preparing for deployment
Time for action – integrating Game Center and iAds
Publish, provision, and deploy
Time for action – creating provisioning profiles, publishing in GameSalad, and deploying!
iTunes Connect
Time for action – deploying our app to iTunes Connect
Time for action – uploading our app to iTunes Connect

What You Will Learn

  • Planning and designing an original game
  • Creating storyboards and detailing characters and the story of the game
  • Create new projects, and get familiar with Actor Behaviours, Keyboard Controls, Collisions and how to preview your game without deploying it to a device, and prototyping your game, putting your idea together with no complexities just to see if it all works
  • Design sprites and import them into GameSalad for use in their game; how to trigger a sound effect, and how to make use of GameSalad's particle engine to spruce up the overall look of your game
  • Create the canvas of the game finished and add behaviours to the actors
  • Add gravity, physics, and collisions to your game along with touch controls
  • Creating user Interface and button & touch controls
  • Wrapping Actors around levels and controlling their movements
  • Adding sound effects and getting your game ready for the App store

In Detail

GameSalad is as an easy to use Game development platform that can be used to develop games without having to write any code. That way, with GameSalad, you don’t have to worry about debugging and testing. Once you learn to use GameSalad, you will be able to build games within days.

GameSalad Beginner’s Guide will give you a detailed overview of the tool and teach you how to use it to build your best game along with the author’s very own tips and tricks to design an interesting game. This book will take you through the different steps of building a game with GameSalad. As an example, the book will build three games that will enable you to work on any kind of game with GameSalad.

The book begins with some tips from the author to design a game that everyone will want to play and how to plan for it. Then we move on to setting up GameSalad and building projects in it. Once the tool is set up, the book moves on to creating and working with sprites.

The next section of the book includes building a whole ball drop game including gravity, touch controls, triggers and particle effects. The second game that the book builds is the space defender. It includes building an interesting user interface, enemies, explosions, space ship movements and testing this game on iDevices.

The third game is Metal Mech. This chapter includes sound effects, particle explosions, and numerous enemies, setting up Game Center Leader boards, and getting ready for App store. The last section of the book discusses how to get started with developing for iDevices.


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