Create and Monetize your C# Games on iOS and Android [Video]

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  • Design your very own game to deploy it across platforms
  • Build game mechanics, from characters to adding collectibles
  • Develop a level from CSV, move the cameras and adding end goals to your game
  • Program your own main character Zippy and implement a simple menu system to navigate the game
  • Add your own in app purchases and monetize the game
  • Learn the theory behind rewarded video ads and how they can benefit you
  • Create UI camera and UI elements for your game
  • Integrate competitive elements such as achievements and leaderboards in your game across different platforms like iOS and Android
  • Have fun with game analytics, and discover how to implement Google Analytics on both Android and iOS
  • Take steps to manage the future of the game, by learning about Texture Packing and Custom Shaders to improve your game engine

In this course, we are going to learn the fun part - creating a game! We will start by designing the game and how you want it to work, before learning about the basic game loop and an introduction to the physics system Farseer.

You will then move on to building our game by starting with the platforms that the player will jump on, and then actually create our main character, Zippy. You then need to create some enemies to make the game more interesting and add some collectibles to get as you progress.

The final part will then put all this together into a level class, as well as creating the UI and the main menu so that players can navigate to different sections of the game. When the course is complete you will have a cross platform C# engine that you can then use to create their own games, as well as a simple game that they can expand and improve upon.

Now that we have finished our game we will be adding the last finishing touches before releasing it into the wild! First, we will start by monetizing the game with in-app purchases as well as discussing the theory of rewarded video ads.

The next section will then implement achievements and leaderboards as well as implementing Google Analytics so that we can see how players will use our game.

We will then move on to releasing our game on both iOS and Android, discussing the release procedures for both as well as how to release the game.

Finally, we will discuss the future of our game and our engine, discussing how to release updates on both platforms, how we can update our game and further optimisations we can make to improve performance.

Style and Approach

You will see both theoretical aspects as well as hands on example of game development by learning how to develop your own game, implementation of game mechanics, levels and then carry out analysis of your game using game analytics

  • After developing the game engine, build your own game & learn how to release updates
  • Ensure that you not only release your own game but also know how to monetize it by integrating ads and in-app purchases
  • Learn how to implement navigation through a game, how to add competitive elements and how to keep the game up to date
Course Length 4 hours 47 minutes
ISBN 9781788292498
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2017


Amerigo Moscaroli

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