Enhancement with Unity UI Advanced [Video]

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  • Animate the canvas in world space using in game interactions, making floating damage indicators
  • Craft reusable UI elements such as Modal Dialog windows and Character Dialogue windows
  • Prepare UI for different resolutions and to target multiple platforms
  • Create responsive designs for multiple screen types.
  • Use Unity 5.6’s new VideoPlayer component
  • Write Editor Scripts to automate master styles and extend the UI

Unity’s User Interface System has a wide variety of features. In this course we'll be covering some of the ways that those features can be used to build more complex UI systems for your games. From Animation to writing Editor scripts, this course covers a variety of topics that will expand your knowledge of the UI system, giving you the power to build your own reusable components and extend the UI system further.

The course content is split into four sections, with each taking on topics that will improve your UI development skills. Animating world-space canvases as in-game displays and as damage indicators, building reusable elements for menus such as inventory items, things to look out for when designing for multiple platforms, devices and resolutions, and how to instantiate canvas objects correctly. By covering these topics you will come to a greater understanding of how the UI system works as a whole, and learn new ways to improve your skills.

Style and Approach

 This course uses a conversational tutorial style of teaching. We’ll introduce a topic, describe what we want to achieve or create, and then take a step-by-step approach to completing that topic. The course is broken into four sections,grouped by relevance and each section into multiple videos covering a specific topic.

  • Augment Unity’s UI ecosystem to skill up your game development expertise.
  • Animate canvas elements & develop reusable UI to cut down on development time.
  • Create Responsive UI for different resolutions and platforms & use Unity 5.6’s new video component
Course Length 1 hour 30 minutes
ISBN 9781788297394
Date Of Publication 8 Aug 2017


Keith O’Malley

Keith O’Malley, a Unity & Web developer/designer who loves coffee, music and games. He likes to be able to do everything, with a background in Web/Graphic Design and a passion for building experiences.

He has been studying and working in multimedia for 5 years, including photoshop/illustrator and sketch, making games and VR experiences in Unity, hardware such as Arduino's and a variety of web programming languages and frameworks.

Graduated with a first class honours in multimedia programming from IADT in June 2016, and have two student of the year awards, one from the same degree and another from a Creative Multimedia Diploma completed in 2013.