CryENGINE Game Programming with C++, C#, and Lua

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  • Make and modify Flowgraph nodes to give your visual scripting a clear advantage
  • Utilize custom entities, from simple physicalized objects to complex weather simulation managers
  • Control the flow of the game in real-time by creating game rules and modes
  • Create custom actors, in order to create unique elements controllable by human players
  • Use the Artificial Intelligence system to your advantage with custom AI units
  • Design custom User Interfaces to give your player a way to navigate the game’s menus and HUDs
  • Implement multiplayer and networking elements for your game, allowing several players to share the experience with each other
  • Master game physics and how to create your own physicalized objects that can interact with the game world
  • Understand the process of using and manipulating the CryENGINE renderer to your advantage, including custom shader authoring
  • Bring your game to life by introducing effects such as particles and sound
  • Debug and profile your game code to get the most out of the computers running your game
  • Implement stock GameDll systems such as vehicles and weapons

CryENGINE is a complete 3D game development solution that can run on multiple platforms. It is orientated around giving intuitive tools to the developer. A variety of interactive video games can be created using CryENGINE. CryENGINE is one of the most beginner-friendly engines out there to learn. If you are interested in diving into the various systems and understanding their workings in a way that is easily understood, then this book is for you.

This book provides you with the knowledge to tame the powerful but hard-to-master CryENGINE. CryENGINE Game Programming with C++, C#, and Lua dives into the various systems and explains their workings in a way that can be easily understood by developers of all levels. It provides knowledge on the engine along with step-by-step exercises and detailed information on the backend implementation of the subsystems, giving you an excellent foundation to build upon when developing your own CryENGINE games.

Written by developers with years of CryENGINE experience, this book breaks down the common confusion that encompasses the CryENGINE engine code, guiding you through a series of chapters aimed towards giving you the ability to create your own games in a rapid yet productive fashion. You will learn everything you need to know in order to create your own CryENGINE-powered games as well as detailed information on how to use the engine to your advantage. By teaching systems such as audio, particle effects, rendering, AI, networking, and more, we’ll be exposing the most inner parts of CryENGINE that commonly confuse programmers. If you want to quickly gain the knowledge required to create your own CryENGINE game title, then this book is for you.

  • Dive into the various CryENGINE subsystems to quickly learn how to master the engine
  • Create your very own game using C++, C#, or Lua in CryENGINE
  • Understand the structure and design of the engine
Page Count 276
Course Length 8 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781849695909
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2013


Filip Lundgren

Filip Lundgren is a Technical Director at Poppermost Production AB where he works on SNOW, the first free-to-play open-world skiing title. Filip has been working with CryENGINE since 2007 with the release of Crysis 1 SDK, and has developed community tools such as CryMono and the CryENGINE toolbox.

Ruan Pearce-Authers

Ruan Pearce-Authers is a game programmer currently working for Crytek GmbH. In 2009, he began managing Crytek's development community, and providing technical support for CryENGINE users. Prior to this, he was active in the Crysis modding community himself, and followed this up by producing sample projects and additional tools for the Free SDK. He co-developed the CryMono engine extension to bring support for .NET to the CryENGINE, and the Tanks game sample written exclusively in C#. At present, Ruan works as part of the development team for Crytek's award-winning entrance, into the free-to-play market, Warface, in Frankfurt.