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Creating Games with cocos2d for iPhone 2

Paul Nygard

Master cocos2d through building nine complete games for the iPhone with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849519007
Paperback388 pages

About This Book

  • Games are explained in detail, from the design decisions to the code itself
  • Learn to build a wide variety of game types, from a memory tile game to an endless runner
  • Use different design approaches to help you explore the cocos2d framework

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at readers with an understanding of Objective-C and some familiarity with the cocos2d for iPhone 2.0 framework.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Thanks for the Memory Game
The project is...
Let's build a menu
We need sprites
On to the playfield
The flow of the game
A stack of tiles
Adding interactivity
Scoring and excitement
Animating the score
Chapter 2: Match 3 and Recursive Methods
The project is…
Basic gem interaction
Building the playfield
Checking for matches
Checking moves
Predictive logic
Artificial randomness
Chapter 3: Thumping Moles for Fun
The project is…
Defining a molehill
Making a molehill
Mole spawning
Combining actions and animation
Touching moles
Tying it together
Chapter 4: Give a Snake a Snack…
The project is…
Building a better snake
Moving the snake
Building the environment
Collisions and eating
Levels and difficulties
The main loop
But…how do we control the snake?
Chapter 5: Brick Breaking Balls with Box2D
The project is…
Box2D – a primer
On to the game!
Setting everything in motion
Paddling around
Storing player data
Building bricks
Breaking bricks, for real
Power-ups, good and bad
Chapter 6: Cycles of Light
The game is…
Design review
Let's build a bike
Building walls
Bike movement
Control buttons
Building the background grid
The playfield
Bluetooth multiplayer
Chapter 7: Playing Pool, Old School
The game is…
Overall design
Building the table
Loading the rules
Rack 'em up
Player HUD
Collision handling
Building the control base
The rules engine
Putting balls back
Checking the table
The playfield init method
Chapter 8: Shoot, Scroll, Shoot Again
The game is…
Design review
Tiled – a primer
Implementing the tilemap
Adding our hero
Controlling the hero with SneakyJoystick
Building the HUD
Scene construction
Tile helper methods
Smarter hero walking
Time for bullets
Building the enemy
Collision handling
Game over, man
Smarter enemies
Chapter 9: Running and Running and Running...
The game is...
Design review
Building the ground
Parallax background
Our hero
Touch controls
Shooting bullets
Enemies everywhere
Collision handling

What You Will Learn

  • Control sprites with touch, joysticks, and tilt controls
  • Use sprite sheets, particles, and plists effectively
  • Learn multiple approaches to solve common challenges
  • Integrate cocos2d with the Box2D physics engine
  • Use third-party programs for joystick control, tile maps, and more
  • Implement Bluetooth to play across multiple devices
  • Learn game-specific A.I. design methodologies

In Detail

Cocos2d for iPhone is a simple (but powerful) 2D framework that makes it easy to create games for the iPhone. There are thousands of games in the App Store already using cocos2d. Game development has never been this approachable and easy to get started.

"Creating Games with cocos2d for iPhone 2" takes you through the entire process of designing and building nine complete games for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad using cocos2d 2.0. The projects start simply and gradually increase in complexity, building on the lessons learned in previous chapters. Good design practices are emphasized throughout.

From a simple match game to an endless runner, you will learn how to build a wide variety of game styles.

You will learn how to implement animation, actions, create “artificial randomness”, use the Box2D physics engine, create tile maps, and even use Bluetooth to play between two devices.

"Creating games with cocos2d for iPhone 2" will take your game building skills to the next level.


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