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Construct 2 Game Development by Example

John Bura

Learn how to make games for multiple platforms with Construct 2.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849698061
Paperback230 pages

About This Book

  • Make games easily in Construct 2, with no programming
  • Get to grips with game design and production from scratch, with no experience necessary
  • Learn the secrets behind the mechanics of bestselling games, from tower defence to physics puzzles

Who This Book Is For

This book is for complete beginners who have always wanted to learn how to make games and have never tried. It is the perfect introduction to game development, design, and production.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Construct 2
Downloading and installing Construct 2
Coding in Construct 2
Chapter 2: Inputs and Controls
Getting started with inputs and controls
Chapter 3: Variables and Arrays
Introducing variables
Declaring variables
Variables in JavaScript
Variables in Construct 2
Introducing arrays
Adding an array in Construct 2
Checking an array's properties
Chapter 4: Game Mechanics
Introducing game mechanics
Game mechanics in Construct 2
Chapter 5: Making a Simple Shooter
Starting the project
Controlling a sprite with the keyboard
Organizing the event sheet
Adding mouse controls
Adding the enemy
Destroying the enemy
Adding a spawner
Chapter 6: Making a Tower Defense Game
Starting the project
Creating a spawn point
Laying out the level
Setting up the turrets
Adding enemies and projectiles
Rotating the turret
Firing the turret
Setting up the path for the enemy
Setting up an enemy wave
Chapter 7: Making a Puzzle Physics Game
Starting the project
Adding functionalities
Rotating the cannon
Creating a cannonball
Adding physics
Adding the blocks
Designing our level
Tracking the score
Adding text objects to the HUD
Finalizing the game
Chapter 8: Exporting Your Game
Exporting games in Construct 2
Setting up a Dropbox account
Exporting to an HTML5 website
Uploading and sharing a game with Dropbox
Other places to export your game

What You Will Learn

  • Create 2D games from scratch
  • Monetize your games with in-game shops
  • Program game mechanics which are the core of game design
  • Deploy your game to multiple platforms
  • Discover techniques to build simple yet effective enemy AI
  • Implement physics for falling blocks and bullets
  • Get time saving tips and best practice advice for quick and effective game production
  • Design different types of games that are fun and exciting

In Detail

Construct 2 is an HTML5-based game editor that uses drag-and-drop functionality to allow users to create complex and engaging games with no programming experience. The software is fast and easy to learn for novices, yet powerful for advanced users, letting expert game builders work even quicker than by coding.

This book gets to grips with the basics of Construct 2 game design techniques and clearly explains and illustrates important features, from controls to game mechanics, before having you put those skills to the test by building three complete game projects. You will learn how to create games in popular and bestselling genres, distribute them through multiple channels, and expand your foundational knowledge into expert game design skills.


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