Building Android Games with Cocos2d-x

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  • Set up your work environment
  • Learn how to create graphic elements and animate them
  • Use the built-in physics engine to make your games more realistic
  • Manage user interaction using the touch and accelerometer capabilities
  • Boost your game's visual appeal by learning to add text and using true type and bitmap fonts
  • Enhance your game by adding sound effects and background music
  • Discover how to add rich explosion effects using particle systems
  • Add native Java code to your Android game

Cocos2d-x is a multi-platform C++ gaming framework in active development maintained by Chukong technologies. It wraps all the essential elements needed for creating a game, making the task of game building very developer-friendly.

Starting with a vital primer to get you up and running with your development environment, you will quickly dive in to exploring the latest version of this framework. You will understand major framework improvements to render objects at lightning speed, extend and maintain code easily, and improve the label API to add great functionality such as glow, shadows, and outlines to labels.

Through the creation of a real game, you will explore the core components of development including Physics, enabling you to create realistic sprite movements, and particle systems to dynamically simulate explosions, fire, rain, and smoke, as well as exploring the sound engine to make your game more robust. Finish by integrating Cocos2d-x C++ code with native Android code to launch games with the classic Java Android application.

  • Create fun physics games to rival the bestselling games on Google Play
  • Save time by creating your Android games using this integrated framework
  • Learn to create a simple game using step-by-step instructions provided throughout the book
Page Count 160
Course Length 4 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781785283833
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2015


Raydelto Hernandez

Raydelto Hernandez is a software engineer and university professor living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has developed games for BlackBerry 10, Android, and iOS. He currently teaches topics related to game development at INTEC University.

At the age of 22, he started teaching at Las Americas Institute of Technology, where he earned the Professor of the Year award many times. Then he the became director of the software development center. He has also taught at UNAPEC University, UNIBE University, and INTEC University, where he is currently a research professor.

He is a BlackBerry Certified Builder, Zend Certified Engineer, Certified Java programmer, CompTIA A+ professional, and Microsoft Technology Associate.

Raydelto has posted on YouTube dozens of video tutorials on different programming environments, which are also available on his website at Here, you can also find information about his open source projects.

Raydelto has founded two technology companies, Soluciones GBH (in 2005) and AST Technology (in 2008), which develop software for all platforms.