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  • Explore the basics of game development to build great and effective features for your game
  • Develop your first text-based game using the various concepts of object-oriented programming
  • Use algorithms when developing games with various sorting and searching techniques
  • Exploit data structures in a game’s development for data storage
  • Create your first 2D game using GDI library and sprite sheet.
  • Build your first advanced 2D game of space invaders using patterns such as observer, fly-weight, abstract factory, command, state, and more

C++ is one of the preferred languages for game development as it supports a variety of coding styles that provides low-level access to the system. C++ is still used as a preferred game programming language by many as it gives game programmers control of the entire architecture, including memory patterns and usage. However, there is little information available on how to harness the advanced features of C++ to build robust games.

This book will teach you techniques to develop logic and game code using C++. The primary goal of this book is to teach you to create high-quality games using C++ game programming scripts and techniques, regardless of the library or game engine you use. It will show you how to make use of the object-oriented capabilities of C++ so you can write well-structured and powerful games of any genre. The book also explores important areas such as physics programming and audio programming, and gives you other useful tips and tricks to improve your code.

By the end of this book, you will be competent in game programming using C++, and will be able to develop your own games in C++.

  • Level up your game programming skills with insightful recipes on building games in C++
  • Analyze the less commonly discussed problems with C++ applications to develop the best games
  • Improve the performance of your games with the new multi-threading and networking features of C++11
Page Count 346
Course Length 10 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781785882722
Date Of Publication 29 May 2016


Druhin Mukherjee

Druhin Mukherjee is currently the co-founder and technical Director at GodSpeed Games. He has, over the years, worked with clients such as Lightning Fish Games, Chromativity, Rockstar North, Tag Games, BBC, Dynamo Games, and Codemasters.

Druhin has been balancing making games and teaching video game programming to enthusiastic students. He spent 3 years in Auckland, New Zealand as a Senior Lecturer in the Games department at Media Design School.

As a passionate games developer, Druhin has been sharing his knowledge on the Internet as blogs and websites. His recently started website for solving game development puzzles has over thousand subscribers.

Druhin has collaborated with other writers and published many journals and papers; however, this is his first official effort to write a book.