Building a Game with Unity and Blender [Video]

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  • Design and create a game concept that will determine how your game will look and how it will be played
  • Construct 3D models of your game characters and create animations for them before importing them into the game
  • Build a game environment from scratch by constructing the terrain and props, and eventually put it all together to form a scene
  • Import and integrate game assets created in Blender into Unity—for example, setting up textures, materials, animation states, and prefabs
  • Develop game structures including a game flow, user interface diagram, game logic, and a state machine
  • Make the game characters move around and perform certain actions either through player inputs or fully controlled by Artificial Intelligence
  • Create particles and visual effects to enhance the overall visual aesthetic
  • Deploy your game for various types of platform

In the wake of the indie game development scene, game development tools are no longer luxury items costing up to millions of dollars but are now affordable by smaller teams or even individual developers. Among these cutting-edge applications, Blender and Unity stand out from the crowd as a powerful combination that allows small-to-no budget indie developers or hobbyists alike to develop games they have always dreamt of creating.

Starting from the beginning, this video will cover designing the game concept, constructing the gameplay, creating the characters and environment, implementing game logic and basic Artificial Intelligence, and finally deploying the game for others to play. By sequentially working through the steps in each section, you will quickly master the skills required to develop your dream game from scratch.

Style and Approach

A step-by-step approach with tons of screenshots and sample code for viewers to follow and learn from. Each topic is explained sequentially and placed in context so that viewers can get a better understanding of every step in the process of creating a fully functional game.

  • Learn the fundamentals of two powerful tools and put the concepts into practice
  • Find out how to design and build all the core elements required for a great game—from characters, to environments, to props
  • Learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your game for sophisticated and engaging gameplay
Course Length 2 hours
ISBN 9781787286948
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2017


Lee Zhi Eng

Lee Zhi Eng is a self-taught programmer who has worked as an artist and programmer at several game studios before becoming a part-time lecturer for 2 years at a university, teaching game development subjects related to Unity and Unreal Engine.

He has not only taken part in various projects related to games, interactive apps, and virtual reality, but has also participated in multiple projects that are more oriented toward software and system development. When he is not writing code, he enjoys traveling, photography, and exploring new technologies.