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Building a 2D Game with GameMaker: Studio [Video]

Nathan Auckett

All you need to know to get started with GameMaker: Studio
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Video Details

ISBN 139781783558766
Course Length

2 hours 13 minutes

About This Video

  • Learn how to use GameMaker: Studio and its interface
  • Program in Game Maker Language (GML)
  • Create your very own artificial intelligence

Who This Video Is For

This course is perfect for people just getting started with GameMaker: Studio. No previous knowledge of GameMaker: Studio is required, and any experience in game development would be handy, but not vital.

Table of Contents

The GameMaker: Studio Interface
The New Project Window
The Main Interface
The Resource Interface
GameMaker: Studio's Preferences
GameMaker's Drop-down Menu
The Basics of Game Maker Language
A First Look at Game Maker Language
Game Maker Language Functions
The If Statement
For and While Loops
Creating Objects and Assigning Properties
The Basic Use of Objects
Using Sprites with Objects
Basic Animation
Animating with GameMaker: Studio
Animated Sprites and Objects
Movement and Object Interaction
Creating Movements
Object Collisions and Interactions
Buttons and Changing Levels
Advanced Movement
Setting Up Stats for the Player
Coding Advanced Movements
Sprite Control
Implementing Gameplay Features
Creating an Objective
Obstacles and Death
Creating Enemies
Health and Scores
Creating a Simple AI
States and Variables
Coding States
Attack and Death

What You Will Learn

  • Familiarize yourself with the GameMaker: Studio interface
  • Program using Game Maker Language (GML)
  • Animate sprites in GameMaker: Studio
  • Link key presses to object behavior
  • Program advanced movement including gravity, friction, and jumps
  • Add a HUD with a score counter and health monitor
  • Create enemies, obstacles, and objectives for your games
  • Create an artificial intelligence and a more challenging game

In Detail

GameMaker: Studio is a fairly cheap, but solid entry route into game development. Due to a low startup cost, cheap asset pipelines, and the ability to publish games without paying royalties, it's a great way for novice game developers to produce their first games without having to first learn a complex programming language. An inbuilt and easy-to-understand programming language called Game Maker Language (GML) can be used to program your games and create advanced systems with ease.

Building a 2D Game with GameMaker: Studio will demonstrate everything from the main interface and programming to creating an artificial intelligence, teaching you everything you need to know in order to create your own games in GameMaker: Studio.

This course is a step-by-step walkthrough that will showcase GameMaker: Studio and Game Maker Language (GML) through a series of small, practical examples. These examples consist of concise videos that demonstrate the essential programming techniques and concepts that you'll need to get started in game development.

You'll begin with an overview of the interface to familiarize yourself with it, and steadily work your way towards building a platformer with all the usual trimmings such as a score counter, health monitor, enemies, and even artificial intelligence.

You will then learn about things such as animating sprites, using objects, best practices when creating resources, and much more, all of which leads up to creating a platformer game.
Building a 2D Game with GameMaker: Studio covers everything you need to use GameMaker: Studio and will lay the groundwork for future games of your own.



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