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  • Create a physics world with gravity
  • Manage materials assigning physics properties
  • Interact with physics bodies using mouse or keyboard
  • Build vehicles with joints and motors
  • Handle every kind of collision
  • Add forces and impulses to bodies
  • Turn your graphic assets into physics bodies
  • Fire bullets and destroy bodies

Physics games are getting more and more popular, and Box2D is the best choice if you are looking for a free, stable and robust library to handle physics. With Box2D you can create every kind of 2D physics game, only coding is not the fun part, but the game itself.

"Box2D for Flash Games" will guide you through the process of making a Flash physics game starting from the bare bones and taking you by hand through complex features such as forces, joints and motors. As you are learning, your game will have more and more features, like the physics games you are used to playing.

The book analyzes two of the most played physics games, and breaks them down to allow readers to build them from scratch in a step-by-step approach.

By the end of the book, you will learn how to create basic primitive bodies as well as complex, compound bodies. Motors will give life to cars, catapults and siege machines firing bullets, while a complete collision management will make your game look even more realistic.

If you want to make full Flash games with physics, then Box2D for Flash Games will guide you through the entire process of making a Flash physics game.

  • Design blockbuster physics game and handle every kind of collision
  • Build and destroy levels piece by piece
  • Create vehicles and bring them to life with motors
Page Count 166
Course Length 4 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781849519625
Date Of Publication 23 Nov 2012


Emanuele Feronato

Emanuele Feronato has been studying programming languages since the early 1980s, with a particular interest in game development. He has taught online programming for European Social Fund (ESF), and then founded a web development company in Italy.

As a game developer, Emanuele developed Flash games sponsored by the biggest game portals and his games have been played more than 90 million times. He now ports most of them on mobile platforms and develops HTML5 games, which have been featured in the most important mobile web markets, such as Amazon.

As a writer, he has worked as a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing and published the books Flash Game Development by Example and Box2D for Flash Games.

His blog,, is one of the most visited blogs about indie game development.