Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine

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  • Prototype and iterate new game mechanics rapidly
  • Customize the player's abilities and controls
  • Build user interface elements, including health bars and objective counters
  • Set up interactions between player actions and game objects in the world
  • Create complex enemy AI that can sense the world around it and attack the player
  • Design menus that will allow your players to load, pause, and quit the game
  • Deploy your game to multiple platforms and share it with the world

Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine is a step-by-step approach to building a fully functional game, one system at a time. Starting with a basic First Person Shooter template, each chapter will extend the prototype to create an increasingly complex and robust game experience. You will progress from creating basic shooting mechanics to gradually more complex systems that will generate user interface elements and intelligent enemy behavior. Focusing on universally applicable skills, the expertise you will develop in utilizing Blueprints can translate to other types of genres.

By the time you finish the book, you will have a fully functional First Person Shooter game and the skills necessary to expand on the game to develop an entertaining, memorable experience for your players.

From making customizations to player movement to creating new AI and game mechanics from scratch, you will discover everything you need to know to get started with game development using Blueprints and Unreal Engine 4.

  • Take your game designs from inspiration to a fully playable game that you can share with the world, without writing a single line of code.
  • Learn to use visual scripting to develop gameplay mechanics, UI, visual effects, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Build a first person shooter from scratch with step-by-step tutorials.
Page Count 188
Course Length 5 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781785286018
Date Of Publication 27 Jul 2015


Brenden Sewell

Brenden Sewell is a creative director with a decade of experience leading teams in the development of compelling interactive experiences that entertain, teach, and inspire. Prior to joining E-Line, he explored the intersection of educational practice and industry game development culminating in his work as the principal game designer at the Center for Games and Impact. Here, he specialized in the development of immersive games for STEM education and teacher professional development. Since joining the E-Line team, he has led developments from concept, prototyping, and production, to release on a variety of projects ranging from a brain-training first-person shooter to a construction sandbox exploring the future of digital fabrication.