3D Graphics with XNA Game Studio 4.0

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  • Understand the fundamentals of 3D graphics and math.
  • Create a flexible framework for building games
  • Learn how to implement some of the most common and uncommon graphics techniques such as lighting and animation, using the XNA Framework.
  • Work with HLSL and shaders.
  • Create an architecture rendering and creating special effects.
  • Improve your games with optimization techniques.

XNA is a very powerful API using which it's easy to make great games, especially when you have dazzling 3D effects. This book will put you on course to implement the same 3D graphics used in professional games to make your games shine, and get those gamers addicted! If you think 3D graphics is something that limits your games, then this book is for you.

3D Graphics with XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a step by step companion to implement the effects used in professional 3D games in your XNA games. By the time you're done with this book your games would have eye-catching visuals and 3D effects.

The one thing that can make or break a game is its appearance; players will mostly be attracted to a game if it looks good. With this book you will create your 3D objects and models and make them look more interesting by using shadowing and lighting techniques, and make them move in nasty ways using animation. Want to create realistic terrians for your games? Need some place for your 3D models to engage in battle? This book will enable you to do all that and more, by walking you through the implementation of numerous effects and graphics techniques used in professional games so that you can make them look great.

  • Improve the appearance of your games by implementing the same techniques used by professionals in the game industry
  • Learn the fundamentals of 3D graphics, including common 3D math and the graphics pipeline
  • Create an extensible system to draw 3D models and other effects, and learn the skills to create your own effects and animate them


Page Count 292
Course Length 8 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781849690041
Date Of Publication 14 Dec 2010


Sean James

Sean James is a computer science student who has been programming for many years. He started with web design, learning HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc. Since then has created many websites including his personal XNA and game development focused blog http://www.innovativegames.net. In addition to web design he has interests in desktop software development and development for mobile devices such as Android, Windows Mobile, and Zune. However, his passion is for game development with DirectX, OpenGL, and XNA.

Sean James lives in Claremont, CA with his family and two dogs. He would like to thank his family and friends who supported him throughout the writing of this book, and all the people at Packt Publishing who worked hard on the book and to support him. He would also like to thank the XNA community for providing such amazing resources, without which this book would not have been possible.