3D Game Development with Unity 5.x [Video]

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  • Build an action-packed 3D game and leverage the Game framework that you create
  • Create basic State Machines for your character entities
  • Use Unity Physics to move things around
  • Learn how to create a plug-in for your Game Framework
  • Add multiplayer capabilities to your game

This course will take your Unity 5 knowledge to an advanced practical level; you'll build an action-packed 3D game and leverage the game framework you created. Throughout this game development you are going to take your Unity skills up a notch and learn how to create basic State Machines for your character entities, use Unity Physics to move things around, and learn how to create a Plugin for your Game Framework.

You'll start off the video course by creating your first project, a 3D game, where you'll begin with creating controllers, with an added camera. Once you've created cool weapons, you'll start spawning waves of enemies, and up the level of difficulty with each wave. You'll then add in audio, optimize your game, and then publish it. For your second project, you'll pick up one of the existing games and add the multiplayer feature to it, to add to the excitement!

This completely practical course will give you the skills and experience needed to broaden your game development techniques; you'll get to know the Unity engines like the back of your hand.

Style and Approach

This course takes a project-based approach, building on complexity as it progresses. Each game developed here will help you explore multiple facets of Unity 5 components and their applications.

  • Design your game's framework
  • Take your Unity skills to the next level and learn to create basic State Machines
  • Learn to add the cool multiplayer feature to any of your previously built games
Course Length 3 hours 05 minutes
ISBN 9781788297226
Date Of Publication 12 Oct 2017


Adam Maxwell

Adam Maxwell is the Co-Founder of Skyward* Corp., a premier provider of game development services with a focus on providing quality game design and Unity based development expertise. Skyward is also an independent game developer in its own right, developing mobile game for Android and iOS using the Unity3D platform. Prior to forming Skyward with his business partners, Mr. Maxwell has lead a storied career in the industry, working as a game designer, producer or developer for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Microsoft, Gazillion Entertainment and Trion Worlds. He has shipped over a dozen games in his career, including games in the popular Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft Franchises and the MMO’s Auto Assault and Rift. In the 17 years that Mr. Maxwell has been a part of the video games industry, he is most proud of the work he has done building teams and introducing new game designers to the adventure of game development.