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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Get powerful FreeSWITCH features to work for you
  • Route calls and handle call detailing records
  • Written by members of the FreeSWITCH development team

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 150 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : February 2012
ISBN : 1849515409
ISBN 13 : 9781849515405
Author(s) : Anthony Minessale, Michael S Collins, Darren Schreiber, Raymond Chandler
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Networking and Servers, Cookbooks, Networking & Telephony, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Routing Calls
Chapter 2: Connecting Telephones and Service Providers
Chapter 3: Processing Call Detail Records
Chapter 4: External Control
Chapter 5: PBX Functionality
  • Chapter 1: Routing Calls
    • Introduction
    • Internal calls
    • Incoming DID calls
    • Outgoing calls
    • Ringing multiple endpoints simultaneously
    • Ringing multiple endpoints sequentially (simple failover)
    • Advanced multiple endpoint calling with enterprise originate
    • Time of day routing
    • Manipulating To: headers on registered endpoints to reflect DID numbers
        • Chapter 4: External Control
          • Introduction
          • Getting familiar with the fs_cli interface
          • Setting up the event socket library
          • Establishing an inbound event socket connection
          • Establishing an outbound event socket connection
          • Using fs_ivrd to manage outbound connections
          • Filtering events
          • Launching a call with an inbound event socket connection
          • Using the ESL connection object for call control
          • Using the built-in web interface
          • Chapter 5: PBX Functionality
            • Introduction
            • Creating users
            • Accessing voicemail
            • Company directory
            • Using phrase macros to build sound prompts
            • Creating XML IVR menus
            • Music on hold
            • Creating conferences
            • Sending faxes
            • Receiving faxes
            • Basic text-to-speech with mod_flite
            • Advanced text-to-speech with mod_tts_commandline
            • Listening to live calls with telecast
            • Recording calls

            Anthony Minessale

            Anthony Minessale has been working with computers for nearly 30 years. He is the primary author of FreeSWITCH and Director of Engineering for CudaTEL at Barracuda Networks. He created and continues to run the ClueCon Telephony Developers Conference, held every August in Chicago. He has extensive experience in the Internet industry and VoIP. Before creating FreeSWITCH, he contributed heavily to the Asterisk open source project, producing many features that are still in use today. At Barracuda Networks, Anthony oversees the production and development of the CudaTEL PBX appliance that uses FreeSWITCH as its core telephony engine.

            Michael S Collins

            Michael S Collins is a telephony and open source software enthusiast. He is a PBX veteran, having worked as a PBX technician for five years and as the head of IT for a call center for more than nine years. He is an active member of the FreeSWITCH community and has co-authored FreeSWITCH Cookbook, Packt Publishing. He resides in Central California with his wife and two children and currently works for Barracuda Networks, Inc.

            Darren Schreiber

            Darren Schreiber is the CEO and Co-founder of 2600 Hz. He began working heavily in open source voice with the FreeSWITCH project, where he engaged with Brian, Mike, and Anthony. His projects have since evolved into two enterprise VoIP platforms that allow a multitude of development of voice, SMS, and video applications to be delivered to customers.

            He has 15 years of voice and IT experience including developing multiple enterprise SaaS infrastructures for hosting and remotely managing IT, voice, and e-commerce services. He is a guest lecturer at major universities on VoIP technology and leads paid international VoIP trainings. As a serious telephony enthusiast since a young age, he has worked extensively with VoIP technologies. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Computer Science and Business Management.

            He is also a co-author of FreeSWITCH Cookbook, Packt Publishing.

            Raymond Chandler

            Raymond Chandler(@intralanman) has been working with, and contributing to, open source projects for over a decade. Raymond's VoIP experience started with a small CLEC/ITSP using SER for call routing, and Asterisk for voicemail and advanced services. After encountering limits in Asterisk and looking for features not easily found in SER, he moved to using OpenSER and CallWeaver (then known as While that combination was better, he still had not found his perfect solution. In 2006, he was introduced to FreeSWITCH. Since then, he's been using FreeSWITCH and regularly contributing to the community. He is the author of mod_lcr and several utility PHP/Perl scripts. He now works with Anthony Minessale as a CudaTel Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks (@CudaTel and @Barracuda). In the spring of 2011, he was among the founding members of the Open Source Telephony Advancement Group (@OSTAG), whose mission is to advance open source telephony to new heights by funding open source projects through funds received by generous contributions and grants from those who share the OSTAG vision.

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            What you will learn from this book

            • Configure users and phones as well as connections to VoIP providers and even Google Voice
            • Control FreeSWITCH remotely with the powerful event socket interface
            • Route inbound and outbound calls
            • Handle call detail records, which includes inserting CDRs into a database
            • Enable text-to-speech conversion in your voice applications
            • Monitor calls via the FreeSWITCH Web interface

            In Detail

            FreeSWITCH is an open source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice, chat, and video applications. It can scale from a soft-phone to a PBX and even up to an enterprise-class softswitch.

            In the FreeSWITCH Cookbook, members of the FreeSWITCH development team share some of their hard-earned knowledge with you in the book’s recipes. Use this knowledge to improve and expand your FreeSWITCH installations.

            The FreeSWITCH Cookbook is an essential addition to any VoIP administrator’s library.

            The book starts with recipes on how to handle call routing and then discusses connecting your FreeSWITCH server to the outside world.

            It then teaches you more advanced topics like CDR handling, practical examples of controlling FreeSWITCH with the event socket, and configuring many features commonly associated with a PBX installation.


            This is a problem-solution approach to take your FreeSWITCH skills to the next level, where everything is explained in a practical way.

            Who this book is for

            If you are a system administrator, hobbyist, or someone who uses FreeSWITCH on a regular basis, this book is for you. Whether you are a FreeSWITCH expert or just getting started, this book will take your skills to the next level.

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