Free eBook: Full-Stack React Projects

Full-Stack React Projects
Unleash the power of MERN stack by building diverse web applications using React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Shama Hoque, 470 pages, May 2018

Key Features

  • Create dynamic web applications with the MERN stack
  • Leverage the power of React in building interactive and complex user interfaces
  • Unlock the potential of Node, Express, and MongoDB to build modern full-stack applications


Combining React with industry tested server-side technologies such as Node, Express, and MongoDB creates a diverse array of possibilities when developing real-world web applications. This book guides you through setting up for MERN-based web development to building social media, an online marketplace, media streaming, and VR-infused game applications.

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Chapter 1


Unleashing React Applications with MERN

An overview of MERN stack and when it is a good fit for developing web apps. MERN stack projects integrate MongoDB, Express, React, and Node to build web applications. Each of the technologies in this stack has made relevant strides in the world of web development.

Chapter 2


Preparing the Development Environment

Understand workspace options, essential development tools, how to set up the MERN technologies in your workspace, and the steps to check this setup with actual code.

Chapter 3


Building a Backend with MongoDB, Express, and Node

Develop a fully functioning standalone server-side application using Node, Express, and MongoDB, covering the first part of the MERN skeleton application.

Chapter 4


Adding a React Frontend to Complete MERN

Add a working frontend and to your MERN skeleton application with React and frontend routing and basic server-side rendering of the React views.

Chapter 5


Starting with a Simple Social Media Application

Social media is an integral part of the web these days, and many of the user-centric web applications we build end up requiring a social component down the line to drive user engagement. For our first real-world MERN application, we will modify and extend the MERN skeleton application developed i...

Chapter 6


Exercising New MERN Skills with an Online Marketplace

Build an online marketplace application using the MERN stack. Explore how to utilize the stack to implement features such as product browsing, searching, and suggestions for regular users who are interesting in buying.

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