Free eBook: ASP.NET Core 3 and React

ASP.NET Core 3 and React
Build modern, scalable, and cloud-ready single-page applications using ASP.NET Core, React, TypeScript, and Azure

Carl Rippon, 598 pages, Dec 2019

Key Features

  • Explore the full potential and latest features of .NET Core 3.0, TypeScript 3, and React
  • Learn how to manage data, application design, and packaging, and secure your web apps
  • Discover best practices for using React and TypeScript to build a scalable frontend that interacts with REST APIs


ASP .NET Core is a powerful framework to architect a powerful backend for scalable web applications. Combined with the solid front-end development capabilities of React, you will be reinforced to build a solid full-stack web. With this book, we will teach .NET developers how to harness the full potential of React using ASP.NET Core as the backbone.

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Chapter 1


Section 1: Getting Started

Covers the standard SPA template that ASP.NET Core offers for React apps. It covers the programmatic entry points for both the frontend and backend and how they work together in the Visual Studio solution.

Chapter 2


Understanding the ASP.NET Core React Template

Explains how a more up-todate ASP.NET Core and React solution can be created. This chapter includes the use of TypeScript, which is hugely beneficial when creating large-scale frontends.

Chapter 3


Creating Decoupled React and ASP.NET Core Apps

Covers the fundamentals of React, such as JSX, props, state, and events. The chapter also covers how to create strongly typed components with TypeScript.

Chapter 4


Section 2: Building a Frontend with React and TypeScript

Introduces a library that enables apps with multiple pages to be efficiently created. It covers how to declare all the routes in an app and how these map to React components, including routes with parameters.

Chapter 5


Getting Started with React and TypeScript

Covers how to build forms efficiently in React. Generic form and field components are built step by step, which includes validation and submission. These components are then used to rapidly build forms in an app.

Chapter 6


Routing with React Router

Steps through how this popular library can help manage state across an app. A strongly typed Redux store is built along with actions and reducers with the help of TypeScript.

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